By effme - 01/06/2010 06:05 - United States

Today, I spent ages applying for a scholarship on-line. I found out on the very last page that I do not meet the qualifications for it. FML
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read the fine print!

YDI figure out all the prerequsites before you spend so long on the application


read the fine print!

thats something id do, fyl

But that wouldn't say much

Who the fuck approved this shit? Terrible FML.

phreshboi 1

if it was ur first time, understandable, but if it's like ur 2 try or more then YDI for not looking

YDI for being stupid.

RODEOqueen 0

Everyone who says YDI has probably never had to apply for financial aid before. Most of the online applications need your tax information and then it calculates your need. If it thinks you make too much, or your parents make too much, on the last page it says you're ineligable.

paks7 0

except he said scholarship, not financial aid.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

OUCH. Oh well. FYL, OP.

21..really? a "noob," you must be a gamer.. damn anti flood

haydew 0

You probably didn't meet the qualifications because you're not smart enough to look to see if it even applies to you.

Bubbelz 25

That sucks... You should use websites where you can search more detailed.

who cares! make some up haha

aw shit that blows, so try agian maybe?

so you probably should try agian, but that shit sucks

YDI figure out all the prerequsites before you spend so long on the application

knibbsy 4

Well maybe you should have been more worried about the alligator living in your bathtub. No one likes a smelly chick.

what? who? what? :/

showwie - wasnt meant to put my comment here :/

lol - the comment bug is messing with me

shouldve read it over first. ydi & fyl.

lmao mabey this is a sign

wdf I posted that to a different comment ^^ :/


haha sucks for you !