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  aruden  |  25

If she needs to buy him a ticket something tells me he doesn't have a job or not a very good one so he probably woildn't be paying much child support.

  RichardPencil  |  30

Good point!

It would take years to have many children, so the OP would have plenty of time to pressure the loser husband into making something of himself. Revenge is a dish best served cold.


How is this a catfish? As far as we know he has not lied about his identity, nor did he profit from the situation since presumably she bought the ticket for him as opposed to handed him the 900 dollars to buy the ticket given that she specified he missed the flight as opposed to "didn't buy the ticket and ran away with the money"

By  AJ1981  |  10

lets face it if he considered you more than a booty call he would of bought his own ticket and made the flight or at least got his own ticket.


Hey, sometimes you get in a LDR with someone who can't always afford their own flights. Had to do that with my SO since money was a bit to tight for him to visit on his own.

By  ChakatBlackstar  |  29

I hope he had one heck of an excuse. I love my significant other more than anything, but wasting that much money would've hurt even our relationship, particularly without a good excuse and/or apology.

By  JBChristian  |  46

Most of these comments are honestly so unhelpful. Most airlines will allow you to reschedule the ticket for free the first time, after that there will be a fee. Give them a call and find out.