By Anonymous - United States
Today, I sold a customer some beer. He then asked to see the manager, and told me he was a 19 year old undercover cop. My knee jerk reaction was to panic and curse aloud, before realizing he was balding, toothless, probably 50, certainly not a cop, and laughing at me for being such a gullible moron. FML
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  fudgerz  |  0

haha seriously.. thanks for the pointless, already known fact #45.. I'd piss my pants if the guy actually looked young, but balding a toothless? FAIL.


To the OP, I know exactly how you feel. When I used to waitress some people seemed to find it hilarious to tell me they weren’t finished with their plate when I went to pick it up even when it was completely empty. It’s obvious they're kidding, but just the fact that they say it surprises you. It’s so unexpected you automatically fall for it.
Don’t sweat it. It happens to the best of us (and to me :P)

  Blue_Coconuts  |  7

The legal drinking limit is good where it is, because most of you are fucking retarded. If the United States was like Europe with their drinking, we probably wouldn't have so much bullshit problems with it and then the age could be lowered, but right now if they did we'd just up the amount of Drunk Drivers most likely. Bunch of stupid fucking High School kids on the road.. I get scared on my bike from 16 year old girls texting while driving because they almost smash into me, imagine if they were drunk as well...

  arienh4  |  0

Yeah, they put the drinking limit high and the driving limit low. Otherwise always worked better, that way they can get used to drinking and drink responsibly for two years while they prepare for driving.

  mooreon131  |  0

actually, alcoholism is 10 times more prevalent in the US, and drunk drivnig acidents are over 40 times more prevalent per person. do some research before you assume that drinking is worse in the UK because of the stereotype of brits being lagar swilling wifebeaters who spend 8 hours a day at the pub.

  leedsrhinos  |  0

Yeah but lets admit
noone really cares in the uk and alcohol is a problem.
Espeacially in teenagers. Ive been able to get served since i was 14; not saying thats right or anything because its not.
But the US is over the top, i mean 21?!

By  romaunts  |  0

Uhm, FYL because someone played a joke on you that has no real effect?
He wasn't really a cop,
and all it caused was a laugh at your expense from some loser.
No big.