By cock sauce - Switzerland - Luzern
Today, I snuck out of the house for a night on the town. When I got back, I found all the doors and windows bolted shut. My sister's laughing face at my bedroom window suggests I'll be spending the rest of the night outside. FML
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The magical thing with slow-motion is the fact that you're going so slow that you can only hear a faint sound of wind.

Hehe, thank you >u< I like yours too. That outfit is adorable.

  kittenvks  |  11

Or OP could simply say he felt queasy and stepped outside for some fresh air and that CRAZY BITCH (that's how I'd put it) locked him out and said she'd tell their parents he was sneaking out all because he wouldn't give her the last Oreo (or something similar) ... A lot of parents would fall for that, and revenge would be had. Though I still think it's a YDI because OP shouldn't have been sneaking out any way


66 - If he was out then he was probably dressed nicely or casually or whatever. His parents would be a little suspicious if he actually got dressed in regular clothes at night, just for fresh air.