By cock sauce - 09/06/2012 21:15 - Switzerland - Luzern

Today, I snuck out of the house for a night on the town. When I got back, I found all the doors and windows bolted shut. My sister's laughing face at my bedroom window suggests I'll be spending the rest of the night outside. FML
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btstig 11

Swap her birth control with tic tacs.

What the fuck? What kind of sister would do that? At least you've got a reason for payback, OP


What the fuck? What kind of sister would do that? At least you've got a reason for payback, OP

At least... Is anyone else sick of this meme yet?

Trisha_aus 15

That's something I would do to my little brother, cock sauce happy sleeping out :)

That's why you staple or nail her bra and underwear to the front door or garage when she comes home from a date.

CaramelMacchiato 13

I'm not gonna lie, this sounds like something I'd do to my older brothers >:D But after a while, I'd let 'em back in. I'm evil, but not THAT evil!

william8691 10

They mostly come at night mostly...

37- That quote didn't have any connection to these comments.

Streeet_hayley 6

You know you have alot of time on your hands when.

12 - It's not a meme. It's a figure of speech. I'm sure people said "at least..." before anyone even knew what a meme was.

36- I mostly failed to see how your comment was mostly in context... Mostly.

YakuzaxGeneralz 9

16 - cock sauce? This is the first time I've seen those two words in the same sentence.

Cock sauce was the op's username.

skullofdarkness 18

What, there are sisters kind enough not to do that?! O_o

Ugh! I'm so glad I don't have a sister like that

This is another reason being an only child is awesome. Only child FTW!!!

btstig 11

Swap her birth control with tic tacs.

well then you got a asshole sister with kids

btstig 11

Then you can get the kid all hyped up on candy and shit before bedtime.

Inheritance 10

Hah reminds me of the episode that Bart wanted a brother so he swapped his moms birth control with tic tacs. Good times.

3's picture makes me wonder if this happened to him. Lol

Hahaha that's a great prank for the future on my bitchy sister!!:)

skullofdarkness 18

But before asshole sister with kids, you'll have PREGNANT asshole sister... Scary thought...

time to find a cosy shed

reddudeover 2

4 - But there might be jumping spiders in there!

Stay out of Fluttershys shed.

Break a window?

Holy shit you're so right! It's not like a brand new window costs a lot considering Ops family is made of money.

kittenvks 11

You know 50, it's unfair. I wish that I were also born to a family made of money...lucky OP...

Nothing says "sneaking out", "stealth", and "getting away with it" like the sound of shattered glass at night.

nerdywhiteguy 4

Get sweet revenge not today not Tommorow but soon very soon

Aren't sisters supposed to be partners in crime? No? Well then, revenge is a dish best served cold.

TheVelocirabbit 10

Then I guess revenge=ice cream. Or is it a Popsicle?

It's a dish. It even says it is a dish.

TheVelocirabbit 10

I know, I failed. (? `?`)?/-----/ Even my emoticons fail.

hahasooo 2

who ever said the OP is a girl?

luckyd880 12

No one insinuated that op is a girl. It clearly shows the male symbol next to the fml.

Nobody.. Edit: Ah, you beat me to it 42.

Ahh, you beat me to it 42 Edit: DAMNNN THIS APPP!!!!

40 probably got confused because 7 said "sisters," implying that OP was female as well.

TheVelocirabbit 10

Kick open the door and jump roll in in slow motion. It has always worked for me.

CaramelMacchiato 13

But then OP's parents would hear and that would defeat the purpose of 'sneaking out'. I love your profile picture, though! :)

TheVelocirabbit 10

The magical thing with slow-motion is the fact that you're going so slow that you can only hear a faint sound of wind. Hehe, thank you >u< I like yours too. That outfit is adorable.

kittenvks 11

Or OP could simply say he felt queasy and stepped outside for some fresh air and that CRAZY BITCH (that's how I'd put it) locked him out and said she'd tell their parents he was sneaking out all because he wouldn't give her the last Oreo (or something similar) ... A lot of parents would fall for that, and revenge would be had. Though I still think it's a YDI because OP shouldn't have been sneaking out any way

TheVelocirabbit 10

Or OP could have called Chuck Norris to settle things. Problem solved o(•u•)o

66 - If he was out then he was probably dressed nicely or casually or whatever. His parents would be a little suspicious if he actually got dressed in regular clothes at night, just for fresh air.

reddudeover 2

Judging by your name I'm guessing these activities were completely wholesome.

NoahEibon 11

Oh yeah ;)

NoahEibon 11

Oh yeah ;)

what an asshole break her stuff

That would make OP an asshole too, Kevin.

TallMist 32

Where's Judy, Kevin?! (fRed reference for those who dont get it)