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Today, I smiled at a new kid and started a conversation with him, just to be nice. He later sent me 24 messages describing how strong his love for me is. I'm scared to go to school tomorrow. FML
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This is what happens when you try to be nice to people. Tsk, tsk.

Someone needs a restraining orderrrrrr!


Someone needs a restraining orderrrrrr!

randomthing 22

OP could at least tell him that she's not interested in him.

#9 that would break his heart

TheDrifter 23

Perhaps a restraining order is the reason he had to leave where he was before?

boxbrandon11 20

First stage of love is denial

OP: Hey there! Stalker kid: I love you. OP: ......

#12 - Finding out that my crush has a restraining order on me would break my heart too. Might as well say something first

This is what happens when you try to be nice to people. Tsk, tsk.

If we lived in a society where everyone was mean to each other, things like this just wouldn't happen...

n3rd43v3r 10

Not all nice people have stalkers. Just most of them

unknown_user5566 26

I've never had a stalker. I guess I'm not as nice as I thought I was!

OHai15 12

#76 dont say things like that unless u want one. O.o

104: maybe she does? O.o it's creepy but quite flattering at the same time. Some girls like that shit?

No good deed goes unpunished.

soccergurrll 8

Stalker much? Why would you give him your number?

Could've been online. They didn't specify if it was a text message or an instant message

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, here's my number, so call me maybe

Hey I just met you, and I'm crazy, I've got your number, so I'm-going-to-stalk-you. ;)

18- it said OP smiled at him. so they werent messaging eachother.

52 - "He later sent me 24 messages describing how strong his love for me is." Try reading next time?

52: "he LATER messaged me" As in, they were together, she smiled at him, then LATER ON IN THE DAY he messaged her. Reading comprehension. Edit: 55 beat me to the punch ;(

Just throwing this out there, I don't see a gender symbol here, so there is a slim possibility OP is a guy. Maybe he was just trying to befriend the new kid and never considered the possibility of ending up with a creepy stalker?

hawright 13

As a male, I once had a male stalker. I was just trying to be nice and next thing you know, he is stalking me and keeping tabs of who I was with. That'll throw you for a loop b

Ha ha, now THAT is funny ;)

Hello Krystal. I would like to inform you that I died a little on the inside when I read your "About Me" section. I am fifteen as well and I would never plague anyone with that kind of moronic talking, so there is no excuse for this. There is also no excuse for your pitifully unintelligent comment. Sincerely, Jonah


Thank you 55 and 56. 52 I remember when I was 15 I was taught in school to read things completely through before making comments towards it

Mikeskinner 7

Oh. Well... Shit.

There's a FYL button for just such an occasion...

Another falls in an attempt to get first comment.

BubbleGrunge 18

Simple OP, explain that you're not interested but you guys could still be friends! Or, if he's cute maybe good things could happen! Or, you could be a bitch and put his love to work! Guy-I love you OP-Oh, would you hold my books?

I imagined that exchange with your profile pic of Robin Hood as the creeper.

Or when she let him down the guy could have been a psychopath and Attempted to kill her for 'breaking his heart' I would suggest a restraining order good luck op!

People like you are what make life hard for the good honest nice guys....

you've got yourself a keeper there

Or a - SHUT UP, 6.

obviousboy 8

Oh, the joys of hormones.

Mister_Triangle 21

When OP turns him down he's probably going to blame it on the friendzone.

Well you said "Hi, How are you?". He heard "Hi, I'm deeply in love with you and want to have your babies."

Sounds about right. You're telling me this isn't a good pickup line? I need to rethink my strategy.

"Trying to be nice" and giving some random person your phone number are two different things. This isn't "Call Me, Maybe." I mean shit, his stare may be holding, but he isn't a Jedi. He didn't force you to do it. You could have ended it with a 'bye. I can guarantee now he's going to be "in your way" a lot in the near future.

Well, she didn't says "texts", so it might have been via Facebook. Either way, the best thing she can do is to politely explain that she's not interested, and that he's jumping at things too quickly. Sure, it'll hurt, but how else is he going to learn? When she gets involved with somebody else?

Hmm, I didn't consider Facebook. But now that you mention it, that seems more likely. And I agree with the rest of your comment. Letting him off easy would be the best thing to do. He's already showing signs of of chronic clingy-stalker-itis, though. :)

The force was strong with this one.. She certainly used the force to raise his lightsaber..

People give their phone numbers out to anyone I've noticed. I think I'm one of the few people that is fairly protective of it.

I'm protective of mine to a point.. Altho I will spam bomb people with 40k messeges an hour if they piss me off..

I moderated this one, and if I remember correctly, it originally said emails instead of messages. Giving out your email address is pretty non-committal, I think. But it seems more likely that it was Facebook, where he wouldn't even have to be accepted as a friend first to send someone messages. It also originally said the new student was Filipino, which isn't terribly relevant, but I found that editing interesting.

Well that's a sticky situation. Just say no.

KiddNYC1O 20

24 messages... No means yes to stalkers, anyways.