By Anonymous - 30/09/2013 19:02 - United States - Brecksville

Today, I smelled chicken nuggets and asked my boyfriend if he was making some. He wasn't. It was my armpits. FML
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that's a bad choice in deodorant.

Except your armpit isn't finger licking good ya nasty. Use some Dove on that shit.


that's a bad choice in deodorant.

Or hyperhidrosis...Get yourself some drysol

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Bad choice in deodorant? No way! I wish I had some deodorant that smelled like chicken nuggets! I'd get all the tubby girls with that shit!

tjv3 10

So your arm pits smell like yummy chicken nuggets... WIN!

martin8337 35

Chubby chaser?

Rainhawk94 27

lol armpits smell like nuggets. I ain't even mad

Chicken nugget deodorant. It's finger lickin good!

This is the most American thing I have ever heard

That's Nasty!- Cleveland Voice

Your profile picture makes this comment a little scary

Deodorant lady use it

ndomer 6

I feel like we're assuming too much. I am quite hygienic, but after years of dating there have been times I have worked out with my girlfriend and smelled bad after despite taking at least one shower a day and using deodorant. While it can be embarrassing, it's not any more of a problem than occasionally belching unless the bad smell becomes a bad habit.

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

I don't think people are assuming too much. OP has odd-smelling armpits, so everyone comments with something related to deodorant. It's a perfect ammount of assumption in this case.

anyone ever tell you that your pic looks like a white Obama?

Except your armpit isn't finger licking good ya nasty. Use some Dove on that shit.

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Dove can't drown out the scent of chicken nuggets! That's baby deodorant.

jarockstar27 10

Wait....tell me how your armpits smelled like chicken nuggets? What deodorant are you using?!

MichellinMan 20

KFC's sweet chicken scent. Now in deodorant!

Allennis44 16

Good question

Llama_Face89 33

I'm gonna go with none..

omg i would so buy it just to smell it all the time. not to use it though lol

I think it's just a matter of "you are what you eat"

T9FTW 20

You sound like a really hot chick. ;-D

Hot ,crunchy, and golden brown.

OP YDI.. Get a better deodorant and take longer and better showers. The little things help.

That doesn't always work, you know. Some people have severe perspiration problems or extremely persistent BO that can break through deodorant after only an hour of wear. It might not be OP's fault at all. :

Do you work at mcdonalds?

bobak_can_ani 7

Does Mcdonalds sell chicken nuggets?

Pwn17 25

I thought this was common knowledge.

martin8337 35

If what you call what the nuggets are made chicken.

Not every McDonald's in the world has the same menu. Being that 40 is in Australia, as far as we know they don't sell them there.

Kallian_fml 21

McDonalds has nuggets in Australia. 40 just appears to be clueless.

Somehow I doubt there are many McDonald's restaurants without chicken nuggets.

McDonald's has a different menu for a lot of differing countries, in China they have a very exotic (and yet equally as unhealthy I'm sure) Chinese selection that caters to the preference of the people living in the area.

Umm.. Shower?

Sounds like a fowl odour to me...

StarrliteFire 7