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  ndomer  |  6

I feel like we're assuming too much. I am quite hygienic, but after years of dating there have been times I have worked out with my girlfriend and smelled bad after despite taking at least one shower a day and using deodorant. While it can be embarrassing, it's not any more of a problem than occasionally belching unless the bad smell becomes a bad habit.


I don't think people are assuming too much. OP has odd-smelling armpits, so everyone comments with something related to deodorant. It's a perfect ammount of assumption in this case.

  OptimusVader  |  23

That doesn't always work, you know. Some people have severe perspiration problems or extremely persistent BO that can break through deodorant after only an hour of wear. It might not be OP's fault at all. :

  liketenpandas  |  6

McDonald's has a different menu for a lot of differing countries, in China they have a very exotic (and yet equally as unhealthy I'm sure) Chinese selection that caters to the preference of the people living in the area.