By k8thagr8 - 01/03/2015 02:47 - United States - Virginia Beach

Today, I slipped on some ice and wrecked my back. When my husband and I went to go to bed, he begged me to take one of the pain pills left over from his recent surgery. Not so I could feel better and get some rest, but so he could have sex. FML
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Take the pain pills and forget about sex, just rest.

That's a selfish partner you should reconsider spending your life with.


What a touching comment... I don't think I'll ever look at life the same.

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Take the pain pills and forget about sex, just rest.

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Well, it wasn't Rohypnol, but it's close enough...

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This. This is the proper response. Also, that partner has some issues if they can even consider trying to do that when you're in so much pain.

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Looks like he wants to slip into your DMs if you get my drift...

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Direct Messages, there's jokes about it everywhere but alas, the joke is ruined.

It's a twitter thing. That being said he used the joke in a completely and utterly incorrect way.

And it's slide into my DMs, not slip into your DMs.

The joke was ruined the moment you said it..

That's a selfish partner you should reconsider spending your life with.

Although if OP regularly turns he husband down it could have a negative effect. He may even think she's faking it so she doesn't have to have sex with him. Just a thought.

if OP regularly turns him down, he'd havr to be one hell of an idiot to say yes when she's in pain. no, he's just selfish and uncaring.

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You should only have sex with someone when you're feeling it, not just to make them happy. If she's turning him down regularly, they should talk about it. He shouldn't go straight to guilt-tripping her.

In the post it mentions his recent surgery it could very well have been a long time since they slept together. From a MARRIED stand point it's not an FML often there can be times when you're not in sync he wants it but she has a headache, she wants it but he's tired etc. Instead of posting on here chastising her husband for wanting her, she could just as easily say sorry hunny I love you but not tonight. Married couples can go months or years without intimacy, why do think there are so many unhappy couples? Yes he picked the wrong time, yes he went about it the wrong way. He could be desperate and feel unwanted... But sure hate the bastard...

Take also a sleepingpill, so you can combine it with some rest. This is the best for both!

Mixing pills is a good idea to you?

There are some pills that can easily be mixed. Although it's never a good idea to take a heavy painkiller such as a narcotic, with a sedative. However if it was something like advil (which I doubt) then a sedative could be taken with it. Always best to ask a doctor or phone the pharmacist to see what meds can be taken together. 6, if op is taking a narcotic then she won't need a sedative because the pill will most likely knock her right out anyways. :)

I really hope you aren't implying marital rape with that "best for both" comment, #6.

Why is this being down voted? Does anybody know what sarcasm is?

I hope you took it and went dt right to sleep. That would show him for being such an asshole to his wife. Feel better, OP!

No, it sounds like a jerk. Not all guys are jerks and not all jerks are guys.

Yeah, it sounds like a guy, because OP said "he." Being a guy has nothing to do with this, he could've been a girl who wanted some, but her husband was in pain.