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I used to be like you once, until I took a stair to the knee.

At least she took you to the hospital right then. My mom made me go a week with a broken arm once..


I used to be like you once, until I took a stair to the knee.

C'mon man! I think we've all heard enough of that joke.

Well I haven't heard it in awhile. Maybe it's making a comeback lol.

That was in perfect taste, sir.

11, you're right, it might be coming back. My bad, my friends say it alot and that's why I'm tired of it.

#57 A joke isn't just about the rate of popularity it's about the situation. I mean just because a song is super popular and overplayed doesn't mean it's bad, it just gets butchered and annoying to most. If he were to say arrow to the knee in general, it might not have worked depending on how bland and or irrelevant it was.

At least she took you to the hospital right then. My mom made me go a week with a broken arm once..

And look how tough that long week made you! I can't think of anything in this world that's tougher than an FML commenter.

you can't do anything until the swelling goes down and that can take over a week

Savner, you're so metal. Like hardcore. Closest I can come to that is waiting for a good couple of hours after spraining all 4 ligaments in my ankle. I hobbled 6 blocks, took a 45 minute train ride, and my parents though it'd be a good time to get a quick dinner.

I'll have you know that I stubbed my toe while watering my spice garden, and I only cried for twenty minutes.

XD perfect comment!

45- I bet you still have milk with your nails at breakfast.

45- ill have YOU know that I read the Mark Of Athena and only broke 6 plates out of cliffhanger anger.

45 - You sound pretty tough. Welcome to the Salty Spittoon.

This is the best day of my life!

My dad fell down the stairs when we were all drunk. The doc said he was fine, and a week later at a different doc he was told his kneecap was 2 inches too high, then had an MRI and he had torn a ligament, they put him in surgery 2 days later. So he went 9 days with a completely ripped off ligament.

49, I feel your pain.

Milk it for everything you possibly can. Guilt trips can work wonders.

Your mom is ridiculous. If I were you OP I would ask her who the adult it here

OP, feel lucky. When I was younger, I broke 3 ribs and my parents refused to take me to the hospital. I was pretty much told to man up. Now I have excruciating back problems because of it.

They don't do much for broken ribs anyway

Okay.. Ouch?!! Sorry!

Cool story. Maybe you should make an FML post about it.

all you can do is tape or wrap the ribs and they don't even like to do that anymore...

They can do plenty for broken ribs. Broken ribs can be very dangerous to leave untreated because they can end up breaking even more without being stabilized and possibly puncture a lung. Or it can cause permanent issues such as the back pain that #6 has. Not to mention getting pain meds instead of just going about your life in agony.

Well... MAN UP!!!

Some people just can't admit they're wrong. Sorry OP, hope you get better soon!

colton_colton 49

Those who canmy admit their mistakes drive me crazy!

Might have a better chance at getting a 4 year old to eat their vegetables.

Ouch! Sorry OP! I thought waiting 2 hours for my mom to get me from a track meet when I fell over my hurdle was painful! I can't imagine my leg!

my mom did the same thing with my sister when she broke both her wrist she wouldn't take her to the hospital thinking it was just her overreacting until the next day when we found out she couldn't even write in school

This is hilarious! Haha