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Today, I sliced my finger open because my roommate's girlfriend put a broken ceramic plate in the recycling. I was putting some paper in the bin and all of a sudden, an inch and a half of my flesh is naked to the world. I don't have medical insurance, so I fixed it with superglue. FML
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ohheykiwi 2

You're gonna die. It's gonna get infected. And you will die.

FYL for living in a country with no National health care


ohheykiwi 2

You're gonna die. It's gonna get infected. And you will die.

first stop: infection town!

FYL for living in a country with no National health care

You mean like Travis Barker died?

travis barker didn't die...he was at the Grammys yesterday

retard just put a plaster over itt jeez.

if there was national healthcare (s)he would have to wait till it got so bad that they have to amputate it.

72- citation? Wikipedia and the Daily Fail don't count.

yottskry 0

#72 - Really? Shows what you know about the NHS then really, doesn't it? I was admitted with appendicitis three years ago. I got a bed straight away, had the appendix out two days later and went home the day after that, complete with 100 paracetamol and 50 ibuprofin. No fuss, no waiting and no cost.

lilbyrd43 0

what were you doing? shoving the paper in the bin?

you, sir, are win

72 WOW are you kidding? The NHS is one of the greatest things ever.

AxCxDxDx 0

"wow 72, r u like kidding.. or something, like omg, like like like, like whaaat? NHS is like so cool, like, i love socialism, omg!"

Not socialism, basic human right.

no I live in Canada and I ripped open my finger 3 days ago. I got 9 stitches 2 hours after the initial accident. o n it was free

BigdipperFML 0

forcing citizens to pay for the governments stupid shit is socialism

#76: You waited TWO DAYS to have the appendix out? wtf? You act like that's completely normal. You got a bed right away and TWO DAYS LATER your appendix was out? They should have had it out within hours of you getting there. That is life threatening. Also, I have heard horror stories from friends in both England and Canada. As it is everywhere, there are good sides and bad sides. My friend Robbie(in London) had a tile cutter go through his hand. While in the room with the doctor, she left 3 times to answer her phone and find out what her friends were doing that weekend. He was a teeeeny bit pissed. He doesn't like it. Also, my friends sister in law severely hurt herself in an accident up n Canada (she's a citizen). She had multiple surgeries and all that. Well, pulling her pants up one morning, it re-tore the ligaments in her shoulder. She was not able to get an appointment for over a month. So, though there are some good sides to NHS, there are some big downsides, as well. Also, I know some countries (England included) use CER (Cost-effective research). England treats half as many End-Stage renal disease patients with dialysis, because they feel it isn't cost effective, than the US. With ESRD, an extra week could mean a transplant and life. They also treat less cancer patients. People are looking for a quick fix in the US. They have no idea the ramifications a complete overhaul could have on our country right now.

She answered her phone in the room and left as she was talking. It was pretty bad, lol. His hand ended up having some nerve damage. I absolutely agree that it's nice knowing you can get to a doctor whenever. I know that when I didn't have insurance and was looking for my own plan, I would have only had to pay about 100-120 per month which isn't much more than what I pay now with work. That's with pre-existing conditions. I have ADHD and a history of melanoma. I know a lot more about the state-run healthcare in California, and if you live there, there really isn't a reason to not have insurance. You wouldn't believe how many people just assume they can't get it and so they don't try. There are also free clinics that people wont go to because they assume they wont get good care. There are definitely a lot of horror stories in our country. I don't doubt that. I just think they're everywhere. Hell, there's only one doctor in the entirety of my current town (it's a tiny mountain town in Arizona with a population of about 16k) that I would ever let operate on me. He is doing my upcoming surgery and I would never go to anyone else. Ive seen far too many botched operations to even understand why the other doctors are still practicing. It scares me. A LOT. So, I def know there are some awful doctors out there, and they're going to be everywhere. I also know that if you do your research, you can find out who the good ones are :) I always want to have the choice of WHO I go to.

suaveneanderthal 0

NHS is such a fucking joke, i dunno why people are such pansies. I'm sorry but if i've worked my ass off all my life and have the money/insurance to pay then damnit let me get treated when i feel like it. you guys want to talk about basic human rights, what about my right to make more money then you and get better healthcare because of it? also people talk about basic human rights and shit but let me tell you life is tough, sometimes you get the short end of the stick.

Menick47 0

dude, have a little compasion. you can say: "you may want to go to a free clinic" instead. but hey this sounds a little fake to me so, whatever floats your boat.

suaveneanderthal 0

ok, sure might have been a little harsh there but it just irks me to no end when people blindly get on here supporting something which they know nothing about, if we all want apathetic doctors with no incentive to work harder then lets go ahead and pass that baby.

suaveneanderthal 0

ok, sure might have been a little harsh there but it just irks me to no end when people blindly get on here supporting something which they know nothing about, if we all want apathetic doctors with no incentive to work harder then lets go ahead and pass that baby.

I honestly believe that until they can fix the legal system and put laws in place to better protect doctors against malpractice suits, NHS wont work well here. The type of money that doctors have to spend on malpractice insurance is ridiculous.

Friend of mine was working in Zurich for a year. She had a dental emergency, was seen that evening, given the necessary meds, and was back at work the next morning. No charge.

No cost. None. No massive tax increase. Nothing, no cost at all.

Really?  Free healthcare?   Wow.   What other Free stuff comes from your govt?  It's so cool how nobody had to pay anything for your operation.   But wait?  How did the doctor get paid?  and the hospital?  I guess your govt paid them...  right.  I see now.  I wonder where they get the money to do that???     

marie_yuh100 3

isn't it funny how many people argue in these comment things? lmao. btw op I hope you feel better

go to a county hospital....

fuck you fucking canadian asswipe

More of the American GDP is spent on healthcare per person than in countries with *OMGOMGOMG* SOCIALISED healthcare. So Americans are effectively being taxed more on healthcare except that their 'tax' is going to corporate wankers who don't give a shit about anything apart from profit rather than the government who will use it to improve the country. EDIT: Wow, look at the huuuuuge debate I started :)

pendulum2012 0

NHS has nothing to do with a doctor answering her phone 3 times. That's like saying the entire US public school system is the reason why one teacher molested a student. My friend's dentist (in New York) kept chatting up the receptionist while she was having work done, that doesn't mean the US health care system is at fault. I think people dying from not having insurance and not being able to get treatment is more of a "horror story" than stories about people supposedly having to wait longer to receive health care, but that's just me. Suaveneanderthal, you really think that all doctors would be lazy and uncaring under the public health option because they "don't have the incentive" (aka money)? Not everyone is so focused on money that they would do a shitty job if they didn't make a ton of it. You are basically saying that "we need to keep bribing the doctors with lots of money or else they will totally forget the Hippocratic oath and kill us all!"

pendulum2012 0

And does anyone else find it weird that people who are actually from countries with socialized health care don't have "horror stories," its just the conservative Americans that supposedly hear them?

You, good sir, just won the internet.

ItisMyOpinion 0

not true

joeb95 0

America is the best the best country there is! Rebel fucking power! fuck Europe.

#76: that's because appendicitis is life-threatening. For anything less so, he'd have to wait weeks until it was bad enough to require immediate attention, be it surgery or antibiotics or whatnot. congrats for succesfully comparing apples and oranges.

Superglue! that's genius! no, seriously! apparently superglue has the quality to seal skin back together.

shamRawer 0

cool Im gonna try dat

98, you do realize that, socialist or not, the bush administrTAtion is the most epic fail to ever take a shit on America. and socialism is a lot like communism in the sense that the govornment gets too much money, therefore too much power, and therefore undermining democracy.

Danielt104 6

Ydi for not having medical insurance. Oh wait, it's probably because we don't get free insurance, and we don't have enough money for it. Fyl fyl fyl

girlygirllol8 0

u weirdos...I cbt belive I kept reading ur convo. FML

191 is why I hate America

The Hippocratic Oath, huh? "The one that starts, "First, do no harm", then goes on to tell us: no abortions, no seductions, and definitely no cutting of those who labor beneath the stone? Yeah, took a read once. Wasn't impressed." -House M.D. Not saying it's no good, but the oath in and of itself doesn't mean much more than a Boy Scout's recitation of their motto: it's up to each person to decide if they follow it, and a large number of physicians, surgeons, nurses, etc. are all tied up in that damn "I need money to keep a roof over my head and food on the table" thing. So greedy of them really; I mean what kind of good doctor would POSSIBLY expect to ever be compensated for his work, right?

vynedemina 0

@90 You sir are completely right. Socialism is bad for America. Therefore I propose to shut down every single socialist program in the country. Say goodbye to school systems, the police force, the firefighting force, libraries, hey wait on a second. Remind me again why socialism is bad? All I remember is those people on TV telling me health care reform is socialist, and it mad me get all riled up and mad, but now that I just made that list of socialist programs I just realized something. I like socialist things. I enjoy having a school system to teach me and my future children. I like having a police force to protect me from criminals. I just realized that your argument is not valid as well.

You have got to be kidding. You don't need to take a first aid course to know NOT to fix a cut with glue! especially super glue which you never want to get on your skin!! you use a firm bandage to keep it all together and suppress bleeding and then go and see a doctor immediately for stitches.

@1 dude, superglue was originally invented just to seal wounds like that.

YDI for not living in Canada

ryguy997 0

superglue? that ia why Americans fail. CANADA HAS FREE HEALTHCARE! guess you'll have to pay for stitches!

Ellodie_fml 0

it's not stupid because when you hurt yourself and don't have the money to go to the hospital you just show that little card and they let you in and treat you isn't that wonderful?

azhein 0

I cut my finger open at work and they glued it shut. I doubt it was basic superglue but it worked fine. also you really think that half the people who spend, what, like 10 years and a lot of money to be a doctor are still going to do that when they are going to get paid less. or you think the doctors who are already doctors are going to stay when they are going to make less money and have no incrntive?

boojie97 12

so...? i do that all the time its perfectly normal

imthatguythatdid 0

will you ppl shut THE FUCK UP!!!!! who the fuck gives a rats ass about who the fuck has fucking free healthcare. I don't cuz u know y? this is FML not politics so to all the ppl who are talking about this stupid fucking shit, STFU it's annoying as hell. who gives a shit if canada's is great or Europe is better or america is the best, I DONT so stfu or go email each other about this shit. I cannot stress this enuff by saying SHUT THE FUCKING FUCK UP

xxxbooxxx 16

band aids :)

blkandredenvy 0

omg 98. ur picture is disturbing

My mom had appendicitis, visited the hospital three times and they told her she was lying about it. They only admitted her when it almost ruptured. The NHS is a joke

thethingthatshou 4

I bet you didn't know superglue was originally invented for that exact reason

your the one getting patched up... so its not the government. you pay taxes to the police and fire department, how is this any fucking different?

Lol i love this comment. Just how its written

Uh no, he used superglue, why would he try to go get the stitches he can't afford if he's already fixed it

That's unhealthy!

MissyWissyKach 0

1st of all run out to the store to get neosporin clean it up and put a BAND*AID ON IT!!! gosh super glue? really thats worse than getting stitches

No its not. ER docs use something similar at times.

izziieB 0

exactly. something SIMILAR. not the same. they use a kind of medical superglue not the DIY stuff the OP probably used

Superglue was originally invented as a medical adhesive. The stuff you buy in the store isn't approved for medical use, but if you're too poor to afford stitches, it might not be that terrible a choice. The U.S. has the best health care that money can buy. But not everybody has enough money to buy it.

No, super glue sprays were used in the battlefields of Vietnam to stop bleeding so that they could get the wounded to the hospitals before they bled out and died.

ERs do use that, which was already mentioned. Not super glue in the same from your buy it at the hardware store but it works....I used to work as a butcher....i used superglue all the time

LIfesuxlots - You know what idiot? Some people CAN'T better themselves merely by "hard work and perseverance". Many, many people are entrenched in poverty who work their ASSES off in low paying jobs just to get by, and they just don't have the oppurtunities to better themselves. People like you are exactly what's wrong with americans. Selfish, greedy and ignorant.

joeb95 0

amen to that

joeb95 0

amen to what lifesuxlots said

Everyone hates America.

I patch things all the time with superglue. You'll be fine. Hope you cleaned the wound first though.

22cute 17

That's actually pretty resourceful and clever! Take some echinacea to fight infection and you'll be good as new. The ER couldn't have done better. Sad about the insurance situation, though.

ahh superglue... it does work quite well =P nice one

This dude's kind of bitchy lol, tough luck though next time look when you recycle?

I'm afraid that won't work... you may want to find a doctor.

Doctors glue up minor wounds in lieu of stitches. I know people who have gone in and been glued up after cutting themselves on knives, etc.

that's what superglue was originally concocted for, too patch soldiers up quickly on the field

Yeah, on their way to a field hospital. It's not meant as a long-term solution for a wound. Instead of being a total dumbass, if you didn't have the money to get stitches, you should have gone to the store and used butterfly bandages instead. They hold open wounds shut while they heal. Pressure created by tightly wound gauze is also a good idea (though not so tight that you cut off circulation to other parts of your body). If you don't have medical insurance and you're prone to doing things like this, I'd purchase either a suture kit or a medical staple gun for yourself. They're cheap on and maybe that way you won't destroy tissue in your finger because of the methyl alcohol in superglue (you should also know that medical super glue is very different from the hardware store shit you just put on your finger). Hopefully you don't have to go to the hospital with an infection from this. Otherwise you'll be spending a lot more than the could hundred dollars stitches cost you.

I don't think u can glue an arm back on. lol

tiancai 0

Either this is fake or you are the most retarded person alive. If you really applied super glue in your wound, the LEAST that will happen is that you'll have to get your finger amputated, and if you take too long to go to the hospital, possibly your entire hand will have to go, and in the worst case scenario the blood flow will spread the glue to other parts of your body and you'll die from the toxins.

yourlifesfucked 0

nice bullshitting there, sir!

tiancai 0

How am I bullshitting? Well, if the super glue where you live is safe for the body then good for you, but where I live on the tube with the glue it has like a 100 warnings about its toxicity.

go_rangers 0

Not true. Two years ago I cut my finger on a glass (it shattered when I was washing dishes), but couldn't go to the doctor until the next day. They said too much time had past for stitches, and recommended I either get superglue or gorilla glue and glue the skin together until it healed. I mean, I had to replace it once or twice a day, but it worked pretty well. I do have a pretty nice scar on my pinky now though heh. But yeah... putting superglue on a wound will not cause you to have to amputate your limbs. I was actually advised to do it by a doctor.

tiancai 0

I don't know the chemical makeup of this "superglue" you're all referring to, but where I'm from the "super" glues (ones used to glue together metal/plastic/ceramics) contain (or used to contain until recently) toluene, which is extremely toxic.

Toluene is commonly found in adhesives, but also in every day products like nail polish and nail polish remover. While Toluene is on a number of toxicity and carcinogen lists, it is not found in most superglues, as toluene is recommended to dissolve the cyanoacrylate bond. Super glue (whose prime ingredient is cyanoacrylate) is frequently used to treat deep wounds when stitches are not possible or practical (such as no med insurance, in the field, too much time passed for stitches, etc), and differes slightly from the cyanoacrylates used in hospital settings.. There are very minor differences between household superglue (ethyl-cyanoacrylate) and medical grade glue such as Dermabond (octo-cyanoacrylate). Oh, and Superglue (brand name) does not contain toluene. Here is the MSDS sheet for it. If you work with carcinogens and toxins, as I do in my lines of work (I do hair and have worked in a morgue), you'll know what an MSDS sheet is:

tiancai 0

Anyway, apparently I mixed it up with something else, so y'all can just ignore my original comment. The most popular "super" glue we have (called "moment glue") contains toluene, or at least did before, a lot of people in the 90's used to sniff it to get high.

Eww!!....OW!! Screw health insurance he gona die!!! -gags-

doink 0

I did this once but the cut was less than a inch long. Methinks you need to go to the hospital and make your roommate's girlfriend pay for it. And then ask her to make you a samich.