By MAC. - 04/08/2012 09:33 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I slammed the car door on my head while I was getting in the car. If that wasn't bad enough, my boyfriend is convinced I now have a concussion and insists on waking me up every hour to make sure I'm still alive. FML
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randomthing 22

How cute. :D

TKello 6

I"m sorry, but I find that incredibly sweet, he cares. Though if you want it to stop, why not just go to the ER and put his fears to rest?


randomthing 22

How cute. :D

Aug1508 9

She should get woken up with kisses, like the sleeping beauty. She gets kissed and her boyfriend knows she's alive. Win, win!!! Even though sleep is also totally awesome.

At least she knows he cares!

I have had 2 concussions and they woke me up every hour in the hospital too, but I had a really bad one.

ifoundalaska 11

I know, be thankful he's so concerned and caring for you!

53, I feel that if I were to thumb your comment up I'd be somewhat happy about your concussions but if I thumbed it down I would be inconsiderate. I can't win

Aren't you supposed to keep a concussed person awake or is it acceptable to let them sleep for under an hour? When I had my concussion, they just flat out wouldn't let me sleep.

"Today I really hurt myself and, fearing for my safety, my boyfriend is going out of his way to make sure I'm okay because he's worried about me." Woah OP how do you lead such a hard life?

69- That's what you're supposed to do. OP is just a bitch and doesn't appreciate the fact her boyfriend cares about her.

Good guy BF gets posted on FML. FML agrees he is a good guy. End of story. *dusts off hands* The Internet has provided justice yet again!

At least he cares about you. Would suck even more if he didn't do anything

At least he cares about you. Would suck even more if he didn't do anything

LMFAOwned 9

Don't complain, OP.. he sounds like a nice guy and those are hard to come by. I don't think a little ignorance is a deal breaker lol

TKello 6

I"m sorry, but I find that incredibly sweet, he cares. Though if you want it to stop, why not just go to the ER and put his fears to rest?

Because in Canada no matter what time it is the wait times are still usually stupidly long. Op could go and sit in a chair for over 2 hours for nothing.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

If you slam your head OP your ass (and head) need to be in the ER

trippythehippy 6

Same here in the US. I've never been through the ER in less than 4 hours

17 - Two hours is par for the course here in CT, as well. Even when my friend got raped we had to wait over two hours for them to see her at the ER. Stitches, burns, MERSA infections: I've never gotten into see the doctors at the ER in under an hour and a half. My last MERSA infection was the quickest; my first MERSA infection was the longest at about four-five hours.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

I usually have to go to the ER nearly every month (due to a horrid condition) and the longest I've been waiting in the ER is 10min and the longest to leave was 2 hours. But then again I live in Miami, with the surplus of elderly there's hospitals everywhere.

raraisbang 12

Wow, that's crazy because where I live it usually takes about 30 minutes to get seen at the ER! I feel so lucky now! :D

68, that's the same with me when I've had to be in the ER. I think they go by the seriousness of a persons condition as to who gets seen quicker or who gets seen slower. Usually when I have to go to the ER, it's pretty serious, so I get seen faster.

raraisbang 12

I just had bronchitis lol. Everyone gets in fast here. But we do have 4 hospitals with ERs within 30 miles of each other so that could be why.

I'm also in Miami but it takes forever to get in and OUT! My boyfriend also had a MRSA scare and was seen quickly at the ER but now that I think of it, he was only brought in and waited in the back room. It took over 5 hours to have the doctor look at him, cut out the infection and stitch him up. ***A lot of the time, it depends when you go in. Here, the hospital staff work 12 hour shifts, usually 7 to 7. If it's almost their time to leave, you'll wait 'til the next person's shift starts.

If you feel fine, there's no reason to go to the ER and waste the doctors' time. My ex-girlfriend used to go to the ER for something as little as a hangnail, and that's why there are such horrible wait times.

rahulcool7 14

If its something serious they get you in fast took me 10 minutes

This could be a stupid question, but how did you slam the door on your head? I'm extremely tall, I have a low car, and I have never slammed my head in the door.

You must never have tried to jump into a car while running full speed while closing the door behind you. It's quite easy when you do it like that.

I guess OP should train more before she needs to do something that requires running away from cops?

if the car is high and OP is short, then she could have jumped into the car thus hitting her head...

20 - I actually have done that, multiple times. Maybe I'm just really lucky.

Alliente 9

That's cute, you should be grateful that he cares so much!

What a great boyfriend :)

toenibbler 14

Be grateful that he cares, even if it is annoying.

Rose_916 16

Its not really a fml "my boyfriend cares because i got hurt fml"

He's either paranoid, overprotective or both.

LO388 7

Or knows that you have a high likelihood of getting a concussion by slamming your head in a car door, and that in rare cases people go into comas or die when they go to sleep after.

bigdude1302 2

Either you're an idiot, forever alone, or both.

Forever an idiot.

LO388 - No. That is all.

I said what I said because if OP had gotten a concussion, she wouldn't be posting this FML. I don't blame all the people that gave me a down vote.

I said what I said because if OP gotten a concussion, she wouldn't have made this post so I don't blame the people that down voted me for my idiotic comment.

raraisbang 12

I don't know why docbastard is getting thumbed down, he's right. It is a MYTH that you will die or go into a coma if you fall asleep after getting a concussion. The best thing for you to do is sleep because rest allows the brain to recuperate and heal after trauma.

BunchieRules 31

78 - I agree, and since Doc mostly specializes in trauma, I assume he knows what he's talking about.

71- just because you have a concussion does not mean you can't use the Internet.

Steve95401 49

There is a lot more awareness about concussions and traumatic brain injuries in the past few years because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with professional sports. OP should at least get to a doctor just to make sure she's okay, as well as to ease her boyfriend's worries.

excusablepennny 2

Or he just cares..

Mynameislinh 24

That's adorable, how your boyfriend is that considerate of you.

solosohigh 15

that's sweet that he is so concerned, stop being a brat.

browneyed 7

your boyfriends really sweet. how is this an fml? ... unless your tired really would be an fml if you really do have concussion and passed out in your sleep

LO388 7

"Passed out in your sleep." Lol.

At least he cares if you're alive!