By lmastr64 - 08/10/2010 10:31 - France

Today, I sit here in agonizing pain because of a scoliosis surgery. I have a bunch of painkillers that I need to suppress this incredible back pain. Looks like I can't take any. My mom has hidden them from me because she THINKS I need to be taken off them. I wish my doctor were here. FML
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ouch. call your doctor!

Smack that bitch upside the head. Then apologies, saying that it's just that you're in so much pain that you have no control over yourself. Mothers like to play the guilt card to get their way so take a page from their book and turn it back on her! ;-)


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ouch. call your doctor!

yep thts wat i was gonna say lol

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That's horrible! I hope you get better soon.

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your mom is probably abusing them herself. crackhead.

FYL, that sucks!

jump your mom, OP xD

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Kick her ass then dangle pain meds infront of her face. She's not a damn doctor. I say hide all her makeup and shit then tell her that you think she has a problem with spending too much on her appearance and suggest putting the savings into a college fund.

cantfightfate 0

I'll take those off your moms hands, op. we don't want anyone in your household getting addicted.

this has happened to many friends of mine, the parents hear that the painkillers are addictive in some cases, then the automatically assume their son or daughter is a druggie.

sigh, problems like this could be solved if you could just talk to the doctor.. waste of a FML.. btw i kinda agree to the grow some balls part*

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My mom did this to me but that's because I hate the loopy feeling narcotic pain killers give me and switched to nothing but over the counter after like 2 weeks lol. She knew I was selling the ones I had left. She gave them back to me a few months ago ha ha. Just what I want are 5 year old pain killers...

what's up with all these fmls about moms hiding shit

awww. why would tour mom think that?!

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some parents are paranoid about their kids getting addicted...if that's not the case then idk why she would want him off them. either way sucks for op.

true. but if i were to see my child in so much pain, i wouldn't refuse to give them any poor OP

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same here

When my oldest had back surgery I could tell he was becoming addicted because he was taking them long before it was time to take another one(he would take one at say 9am, and another at 10am) so I took his away from him and he said he was in pain continually, but I refused to give him one, because the bottle specifically said 1 every 4 hours(I would give him another every 3 so that the pain never returned), not 1 every hour. We do not know the whole story here, he may have been taking more than was needed by the prescription and his mom decided to take them away to avoid becoming addicted as well.

That's a very good point 82, but OP does say "looks like i can't take any" so I would think she hasn't even started taking them. However, we don't really know if she actually meant "anymore."

thats why I say there is more to this or is missing some key piece. We don't know the full story at all.

avenged7fold6661 0

good point 82. but at least you gave your child some...seems like op's mom didn't give her any at all.

@82: Might be different, but don't the bottles usually say "Every 4 hours or as needed"?

136: Yes, but the "as needed" part only applies in the opposite direction, meaning take it less often if you can. The bottle usually says "Do not exceed 6 pills in 24 hours" or something to that effect.

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its now he could be sellen them for weed or just well you know what i mean

His moms just a stoner and using all his pills :p

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lemoncows 2

be a man. rub some dirt on it.

pinkpillowz 0

hahaha^^ did you get that from she's the man??

I love that movie! :-P

funny but seriously you should try scoliosis surgery, it hurts.

yeah fuck you, that surgery is like getting hit by a bus

I had that surgery when i was 13. To this date, it is still the worst pain i have ever experienced. 6 years later, and i still feel the pain from the surgery :( I dont know what i would have done if i didnt have the painkillers. FYL OP. I feel for you

Ha-ha. All I can say is, your mom is crazy. And like #4 said. "Be a man, rub some dirt on it"

friedpwnadge 25

If you call the police, theft and possession of unprescribed narcotics is a felony.

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It's not that hard to call your doctor! Get more MEDs and don't tell your mom!

No doctor in his right mind would prescribe a refill if the patient admitted to having some in the house. It's not the doc's responsibility to make Mom understand. The doc won't refill it until the designated number of days has passed; for example, if OP is prescribed two a day and the prescription was for 20 pills, you're not getting a refill until the 10 days are up (or at least 7-8; a few days' grace is occassionally given for insurance purposes.) If you lose pills, take too many a day, or they get stolen, the last of which is essentially what happened here, you're SOL. They tell you that when they give you narcotics.

126- It's not the doctor's responsibility to make sure their patient isn't in agony from a misunderstanding on the mom's part? (Well more like a completely paranoid lunatic mom :P)

Eh, after I posted this, I reconsidered. I pictured OP as a legal adult when I first read this, because I was one when I had my fusion. Incidentally, I also pictured a male surgeon because mine was male. I'm speculating here based on my own experiences and research, but his technical obligation would probably depend on OP's age. If OP's a minor, he would likely be responsible for explaining it. Even if OP is of age, having Mom talk to the doc might put her more at ease, so it's definitely worth a shot. Should she still refuse, though, he might be required to call CPS/APS, and if she's selling them or using them herself, he would be required to report it to the DEA and/or local law enforcement.  

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Many doctors will not allow that because back surgery is the second most pain type of surgery and many get addicted to the painkillers and no don't doctor wants and addict

Smack that bitch upside the head. Then apologies, saying that it's just that you're in so much pain that you have no control over yourself. Mothers like to play the guilt card to get their way so take a page from their book and turn it back on her! ;-)

Sun_Kissed18 25

haha good plan! But seriously call your doctor! I've seen videos of those surgerys because my best friend has scoliosis and she was terrified she would need that surgery. Its not a plesant sight...

I totally agree

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Your mom is prolly using it

avenged7fold6661 0

ha. probably true.

When did 'prolly' become a word?

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haha never... us young ppl r jst 2 lzy 2 typ out da full wrd... haha i don't really type like that, but i do shorten probably to proli sometimes.

I'd completely accept that, apart from the fact that I see people use it in otherwise well written sentences. I suspect it's sneaking into the language as an alternative spelling...

language basically forms as misspellings or wrong grammer becoming accepted. That's probably the reason america uses color, not colour

and gray not grey

I haves rather small penis.

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autocorrect changed it to small instead of large. I think my phone is trying to tell me something.

xD i'm pretty sure auto-correct has a point

haha. 45 looks like a horse!