By Anonymous - 07/12/2009 21:05 - Canada

Today, I signed up for a psych experiment. I was a damsel in distress on the side of the highway, but no one stopped. Back at the lab, another participant said a half dozen people helped her. The professor was testing how attractiveness effects altruism. I was the unattractive subject. FML
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loki09 4

Apparently, you did a good job! :)

Wow, people suck.


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God no. Plastic surgery is the ugliest thing on the planet. Its so obvious who's had it done. I agree it can be useful to people who REALLY need it (like if they were in a car accident), but really people - it doesn't make any of you people out there look any younger!! Instead they look like people trying to hold back what's naturally going to happen. You look like people who are terrified of of getting older, so you seem older than you might actually be because if you are so worried about looking really old then you must be. sorry if anybody didnt understand that. i kinda messed up on my wording. OP- im sorry. maybe you got a bad stretch of road? ;)

I have to disagree.

wscr 0

there's a difference between "plastic surgery to look younger" and "plastic surgery to *look-more-attractive*" we're talking about pre-teens and sub-30s doing such stuff. so your argument on ageing is pretty much invalid

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More like scientific-rigor fail. Don't sweat it, OP. Obviously physical attraction was far from the only variable here. The other subject was also out on a different road at a different time and under different conditions.

Yeah, there were probably a lot of lurking variables

loki09 4

Apparently, you did a good job! :)

Cool story bro.

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bugmenotmofo 34

Are you serious? Of course she didn't know what was being tested. If people know what's being tested then the results change. Like if you're testing how many times a person blinks in a second, they'll become self concious of their blinks and start blinking at an abnormal rate. By telling her what was being tested, she may have come with nicer clothes, nicer makeup, or acted in a different, more "attractive" way, which would influence the results. Think before you post.

go_rangers 0

Uh, no, #5 is right. The vast majority of experiments require full disclosure, to protect participants. They need to know what they're doing, they need to know the risks and benefits of the study, and everything else. I have a VERY VERY hard time believing this experiment would pass an IRB. Further, it's virtually impossible to control any factors in this experiment... meaning the results would not mean anything. At all. I call shenanigans. There is no way this would happen, because it's such a stupid bullshit experiment that it would never be run. Or even be allowed to be run if someone was stupid enough to want to run it.

palmtrees 1

Actually, this is not an unusual premise or design for a social psych experiment. They are allowed to be run without full disclosure beforehand as long as participants are fully debriefed afterward and it is determined by the IRB that they can not/will not be harmed by not having that information ahead of time. In fact, sometimes participants are told that one thing is being tested when it is in fact another, to keep them from figuring out the actual purpose of the experiment and skewing the results. The only part I'm not sure I believe is that the OP got to hear someone else's results (the "attractive" girl).

#21, it's possible the other participant just blurted it out, more or less. For example, she could have come in to the lab and said, "Wow, that was fun. Dozens of guys stopped!" or whatever random thing that accidentally clues OP in to the results. The professor could have not had time to stop her, or maybe they talked afterward. I doubt the professor gave the other girl's results to OP directly.

This sort of study has been done before, because the people who are being studied (the people who help) are not at risk. It would pass the IRB, but it would never get funding or get published because this EXACT study has been done and replicated several times. It's a fake FML.

I disagree. It could have been a very informal, unofficial experiment. My brother's class does shit like this all the time. It hardly takes a lot of time or effort.

Whoever is thinking of full disclosure is an idiot. Scientific experiments are done usually without many of the participants knowing the testing procedure or what is really being tested. Let's put it this way.... the subjects KNEW they were damsels in distress on the side of the road, what they didn't know what the study was actually on how attractiveness affects people into helping others. So they KNEW a part of the experiment and played the part but they didn't know the truth of the experiment. If they did they'd have flawed the results and ultimately turned the experiment in a farce. Hell I remember a study where a guy was sitting in a room taking a test next to some other person. If the person was attractive usually the man would start chatting up the chick and forget about the test he was taking. If she was unattractive he would not bother to chat. In HIS mind they were taking "placement tests" to see if they were fit for the experiment. In actuality, the chick was in on the experiment and it was all to test how much focus men lose if an attractive female is present. HOWEVER, other tests tell the subjects what they are doing (if they are role playing) and sometimes evening knowing what they are supposed to do can lead to some unexpected results (faux prison experiment comes to mind).

poeticpunk77 0

Actually there are multiple experiments like this that have been IRB approved, conducted, and published. Also, IRB's approve studies that use participant deception all of the time. that's why you DEBRIEF them afterward.

Wow, people suck.

sportsnut 0

i think you know what to do...DON'T BE SO UGLY!!! hhahahaha, sucks to be you! maybe your children will be beautiful hehe, yeah right, ugly runs in the family!

Ariel881 0

So...the hypothesis was supported I take it?

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who said op was over weight? op could very well be skinny but doesn't have that attractive of a face.

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People should only get plastic surgery if they truly want it, not because people tell you to so you look more attractive to them.