By Doublescrewed - 06/10/2015 00:23

Today, I showed up for my first shift in my new night job; I now work at an apartment complex in the day and a gas station at night. It turns out that our biggest problem tenant in the former happens to be my boss in the latter. FML
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Move things around in their apartment to mess with his head if they are a jerk as your boss.

Only one way to resolve this. Gasoline fight!!


What luck. I hope it all works out OP.

Hang in there OP, it all gets batter in the end.

can i get some batter too? preferably brownie batter

Boss by day, employee by night.

Dang .. That sounds messy ..

Move things around in their apartment to mess with his head if they are a jerk as your boss.

You want OP to break into his house?

Landlords have free reign to enter tenants in order to check fire alarms and such.

No they don't. They have to give notice that they're coming.

They do not. They own the property and have free reign over the place.

They own the property yes. But they have to give the tenants notice before entering. It's 24 hours before where I an from. Unless a water line breaks or something that needs fixed right away. They can go in to do that, but they have to contact you first.

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Yeah, that way OP can lose BOTH jobs at once!

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Dont know what country your in but in Australia a landlord can not legally enter the property without giving the tennant a couple of days notice unless the tennent agrees they can come earlier.

Such a small world...

Do you need a murder consultant?

I'm assuming your boss recognized you? What did he/she say?

No man, you kind of just go in without any idea of who runs your complex, that's the usual order. Sarcasm aside I'm sure there was tension.

The bad luck is strong with this one.