By Doublescrewed
Today, I showed up for my first shift in my new night job; I now work at an apartment complex in the day and a gas station at night. It turns out that our biggest problem tenant in the former happens to be my boss in the latter. FML
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They own the property yes. But they have to give the tenants notice before entering. It's 24 hours before where I an from. Unless a water line breaks or something that needs fixed right away. They can go in to do that, but they have to contact you first.

  Jwaye2  |  7

Dont know what country your in but in Australia a landlord can not legally enter the property without giving the tennant a couple of days notice unless the tennent agrees they can come earlier.

  R2Y2  |  22

No man, you kind of just go in without any idea of who runs your complex, that's the usual order.
Sarcasm aside I'm sure there was tension.