By Anonymous - United States
Today, I showed up at my boyfriend's work to surprise him by speaking in Spanish, his first language. I've been taking classes secretly. He smiled, kissed me, and then finished telling his friend, in Spanish, that I'm boring and ugly but he's got nothing better going on. FML
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  jibz  |  6

Aw OP, that really sucks. The same thing has happened to me before where my (now ex) gf will insult me in French while not knowing that I was born and raised in France and French is my first language :/ hope everything works out for you and you dump his sorry ass.

  lilyenid  |  0

4 you information you say "come mierda" 2 someone who is rich and been a bitch abut it

what you are mean is " vete pa mierda"
hahaha... is not the same thing :)

  salsera13  |  7

Spanish cursing literally translated doesn't sound like it makes any sense at all. The girl was right, it just sounds dumb in English. That doesn't make it wrong...