By Anonymous - / Friday 27 March 2009 00:02 / United States
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  jibz  |  6

Aw OP, that really sucks. The same thing has happened to me before where my (now ex) gf will insult me in French while not knowing that I was born and raised in France and French is my first language :/ hope everything works out for you and you dump his sorry ass.

  lilyenid  |  0

4 you information you say "come mierda" 2 someone who is rich and been a bitch abut it

what you are mean is " vete pa mierda"
hahaha... is not the same thing :)

  salsera13  |  7

Spanish cursing literally translated doesn't sound like it makes any sense at all. The girl was right, it just sounds dumb in English. That doesn't make it wrong...