By Crystal - 08/03/2010 21:35 - United Kingdom

Today, I showed my fiancé the darling Tinkerbell hoodie I'd bought myself during the weekend. Instead of liking it as I'd hoped, he told me my childish wardrobe was embarrassing, and he wasn't going to be seen in public with me until I wore something different. FML
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anti_average 5

Most people who generalize are douchey bigots.

Guess that means he doesn't want to be your Peter Pan.


be gud and listen to him.

Yee12 0

YDI for dressing like a little girl. You couldn't possibly think that would make you more atractive?

that may have been rude unless you always wear stuff like that....

livluvlaff8 0

well that's kinda too far for ur bf he should of asked nicely but really? tinkerbell??

he is right you know... if he complained about it, it must not be your first time..

ydi seriously, tinker bell??

mrbuddy 0

of course he's mad, most women who like tinkerbell are skanky cheaters.

anti_average 5

Most people who generalize are douchey bigots.

ravensunnyd 0

I agree with 23 arel is better or hello kitty

Rawr0_oRawr0_o 0

gay for dressing like a little girl

tomahawkinyouall 0

ydi for dressing like that.. ew

saywaturcoco 0

eww hoodies r 4 teens not adults!

what went through your mind to convince yourself that a man would like not only your clothes, but a TINKERBELL sweatshirt? want to impress him, don't wear any clothes at all.

rideacowgirl11 0

ydi! what are you, 5?

Free_Hugs10 0

ONE hoodie would be ok, but it seems like you wear cartoon clothes all the time. Maybe your fiancé has a point.

Tinkerbell's hot. OP should ditch the vain and clearly insane asshole and find a less superficial man.

You should be in the kitchen, not buying clothes that was made for 7 year old girls. Do your duty, woman, and make him a sammich!

Yee12 0

109 agreed.

Blondie08_fml 0

And how old are you? Bitch

95 win! That is what've been saying...

zach055 23

I live it when girls dress it cute outfits. If my gf got a tonkerbell huddie I would get a spongebob one.

greendaygirl999 5

Amen #52. amen

immaturity, do your worst Did you lose your balls?

Itzmeh 0

Number 1: I completely agree! It does auk for her!

109 criticized her for acting like a 7 year old but you spell sandwhich like a 5 year old.

OP & 158 should grow up. Adults (as opposed to idiots and scene kids) are happy to act their age. If it's embarrassing your SO I'd assume you act like a brat/moron. Plus if you describe clothes (designed for children but worn by adults) as 'darling' then you should most definitely get over yourself and either act like the adult you physically are, or find a younger SO who won't care about how pathetically immature you are.

Also 179, the incorrect spelling of sandwich as 'sammich' is a joke. As opposed to yours. Which is also incorrect but in a laughing at as opposed to with you kind of way.

crailboyne 0

anyone wanna join the pen 15 club?

Monikabug 9

@199 Ooh, is that supposed to be clever?

why would you join the pen 15 club when you can go to

194-Normally I wouldn't feel I have to say this, but for you I clearly need to make an exception. The following statement is sarcastic: *How witty of you...* End sarcasm. For now.

I agree... don't dress like a fag

connorpwns93 0

how did you go shopping in the kitchen?

tinkerbell1357 0

ugh!!! I love tinkerbell!!!!! <3

how old are OP 6 lord

sugarbabyxoxo 2

@17, sometimes vintage cartoon clothing is cute? what do you where? conservative clothing? yeah probably. everyone has there one individual style who gives a **** you chauchy douche bag!

i like turtles...

Yee12 0

Shut the **** up 244. I wear Volcom, Element and AE. I'm 13 btw lol. but yeah 244 you look like a total *****. Go back to Africa

such. bad. GRAMMAR D:

Monikabug 9

@259, you're 13 years old. Stop thinking you are big and bad when you call older women ****** or else momma will spank! Now go to your room and think about what you have done!

redracer12 0


screw him, tinkerbells awesome!!!

geer 0

ther a guy at a school who wears tinkerbell clothing alot

chunks23 0

number 244 your pretty

shinagami091 0

You people really need to make up your minds. First, your blasting some chick because she got mad at her boyfriend for making a igloo and being immature when clearly the popular vote there was ydi and to let him be immature and have fun. And here you are blasting this chick for wearing a tinkerbell sweater and being immature. Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you have to dress accordingly. Atleast not all the time. There's also nothing in her post that insinuated that she has an entire wardrobe of childish clothes. She could have just bought it as something to be comfortable in. But no, instead of giving her the benefit of the doubt, you give her the consequence of assumption. In closing, make up your damned minds.

yummy_mummy 0

I like tinkerbell and Iv never cheated in my life, but I don't wear the clothes though

how old ARE you tinkerbell? I'm supprised he done worse..

tehchowder 0

He has a point. Grow up.

indianabummer 0

win. For serious OP..Tinkerbell? My 11 year old sister won't even wear clothes with her on it. It sounds like it's time to wear your big girl clothes.

There's something my band teacher told me "Tinkerbell is the hottest Disney character because you get to see her panties."

waNgEmsauCe 0

Tinkerbell is a stupid fairy prostitute. YDI OP, I'd be embarrassed of you too!

You guys are crazy. There is nothing wrong with Disney attire, no matter your age. I know PLENTY of people who wear Disney hoodies with all sorts of characters on them. They definitely make adult clothing, as well. Anyone who is a Disney fanatic (like myself, considering I grew up an hour and a half away) enjoys the clothing and the characters. It's ok to be young at heart. I own a couple Sleeping Beauty shirts as well as some Club 33 items from when I ate there. Any guy who is actually embarrassed by his gf wearing a Tinkerbell hoodie is an idiot and is far too uptight. OP, find a real man who will never be embarrassed by anything you wear because it's too "childish."

don't blame him, it's your fault for making him feel like a pedophile. he wants a woman, not a little girl, freaking weirdo.

and play with barbeez xD

woohoo I vote for that one (#95)

XYZzzzzzzz 0

that would piss me off too, if my GF dressed like a 6 year old

cherrypieguy 0


why tinkerbell?! come on now

epoh_fml 0

I agree. and OP, seriously? A "darling" Tinkerbell hoodie? Either you're very young or very rich, as I don't hear people often describe clothing as being "darling."

Don't mess with a Tunkerbell fan. I laughed at someone wearing a tunkerbell shirt once, and they pulled a sparkly pair of tongs out of the air and threw me out of a window by the nostrils. Now everytime someone says the word "orange" pixie dust comes put of my ears and I go into a coma.

epoh_fml 0

Gotta watch out for those sparkly tongs, man. Especially the ones that also glow in the dark--if you get yer nose hooked by those, blood and boogers will gush out for a week. No fun. :/

yum yum! sounds like fun

You think the sparkly ones are bad? Try the neon pink ones.

I've heard the flourescent ones are painful.

MF12 0

pffft. they've got nothing on the glow-in-the-dark ones.

I hear the ones with flamethrower attachments are the most painful.

Grow up Peter Pan, Count Chocula! You two are in the first quarter of the game and you threw a Hail Mary!

anti_average 5

I think Knockasaurus is coocoo for cocopuffs. :p

ravensunnyd 0

nickasaurus is a good singer :)

You're probably right haha

omg it was a 'wedding crashers' quote. For some reason tinkerbell made me think of Mr. Pan, and I happened to watch WC last night. ha?

guckylynn 19

24, a lot of southerners use darling to describe things.

haha ur fiancé obviously hates fun.

Yeah, how do you think the OP would act if her boyfriend was proud of his Justice Society of America t-shirt?

Says the one who's name is "in wonderland"....Pot calling the kettle black much? Personally I don't mind the occasional cartoon clothing, on a certain age group on occasions. I'm 20, and tend to try and dress my age, but all of my pajamas are elmo. Its fun to have a bit of kiddy stuff every now and then, keeps you from growing up to be a suit, keeps you human. However wearing childish clothes all the time is over the top and just makes you look like a crazy cat lady. Like the 40 odd year old woman in my tafe class who wears nothing but cartoon shirts and jeans. Its really your decision, and he shouldn't be so shallow, but maybe take a look at your wardrobe and see if it really does need a change.

Your name is "Babblez", I guess that means we should disregard anything you say since you're just rambling.

Disregard the fact that this wasn't placed under the comment intended. And yeah, coz my nickname couldn't have any relation to my real name or anything now could it?

Icarus_II 0

Kids shouldn't marry. 'Nuff said.

Monikabug 9


Guess that means he doesn't want to be your Peter Pan.

Tinkerbell isn't a princess dumbass. She is Peter Pan's pixie sidekick.

Hacksaw never said Tinkerbell was a princess. Way to read, dumbass.

Good to see at least two people in this comment tree have basic reading comprehension skills. Thanks for having my back, totes.

purplemnm 9

she fits under the Disney princess catagory in merchendise...if you go on the site and click "princesses" you will find her and her "friends"

birds_fml 7

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bridgette5866 0

I second this.

I agree. There's nothing cute about people over the age of 12 wearing Tinkerbell, Disney Princess, or any other kind of bullshit cartoon character clothing. You come off as childish and moronic and nobody will take you seriously. There's a much classier way of dressing cute/stylish rather than looking like some trailer trash cum dumpster.

UniUni 16

Hey, I just found someone with such a shitty life that they have to put others down for being comfortable with themselves. Guess who that is...... you're right, it's you. maybe you should grow up and stop judging other people, she's living the way she wants to live and it's ignorant assholes who feel like they have the need to share their ****** up and stupid opinion that's ruining society. You **** off and grow up because you're still immature if you're judging people based on their lifestyle

way a douche tell him off for loving u only if u r wearing the right clothes

I hate Internet talkers. lik 4 real it iz stpd. see? haha I needa take a shower :b