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  BlAcKxJe5uS  |  6

The sun reflects off of the snow and gives you a tan.... its like water... if you go swimming in a pool for 4 hours your going to either be sunburned or really tan, because the suns rays get reflected off of the water, and the same goes for snow im the just dont get as tanned because your bundled up in more clothing than the summer

  lakers2thetop  |  3

Someday Santa will die. When he does hell will freeze over, at which time Satan will rearrange the letters of his name and become the new Santa. After this a new Satan must be found. The process of finding a new Satan will be televised. The producers of The Satan Apprentice will be multi billionaires

  Clioo_fml  |  17

#103 well actually, water absorbs the sun rays and the heat instead of them reflecting off of the water, which is partially why ocean waters are warming up gradually. But this isn't science class, so let's not get into details.

  1215116a  |  14

10 words: I wonder when the 'c c c c combo breakerrr' will come in...

By  mk58  |  31

Go buy yourself some spray tan. Apply an extra dark shade on the lighter area, and a lighter shade on the rest of you. Then you'll be orange everywhere.