By Anonymous - 28/12/2012 19:05 - Malaysia - Shah Alam

Today, I set up a spy cam in my room to find out which one of my pervy brothers has been using my computer to watch porn. Turns out it was actually my father. I now have a video of him sitting in my chair masturbating, and I can't get it out of my head. FML
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once you saw it was your dad, why did you keep watching? Once I saw my dad turning on the PC, I would have quit watching

And a video of one of brothers master baring would be less disturbing?


once you saw it was your dad, why did you keep watching? Once I saw my dad turning on the PC, I would have quit watching

She should have finished before he finished.

No matter what, she was gonna have a video of one of her family members masturbating. There is no winning there.


It's kind of like when you were a kid watching a scary movie. You knew something bad was about to happen but you just couldn't look away. Who am I kidding, it's nothing like that.

Not so. Once she saw the dad turning on the PC or going to the website, all she had to do was shut off the tape and not watch anymore. Heck, if she couldn't even see the screen, him reaching for his pants was enough of a clue to know to shut it off.

She should seriously set a password on her computer or parental controls. And clean her keyboard.

Curiousity killed the cat.

bugmenotmofo 34

Because he could be there by accident (or because of non-porn-related reason) and someone else could've used the PC after him to watch porn.

LuckBeNimble 19

I agree with 24, this was a poorly thought out plan. mobile porn people, come on this isn't the Stone Age, geez.

He was masturbating... She saw it... No accident

........and lysol her floor, chair, and desk to clear the splooge cooties......

There is always blackmail...

Curiosity was framed, ignorance killed the cat. Curiosity lead to more knowledge. Even though it was knowledge nobody wanted to see.

#1: her father turning on the computer isn't enough proof to be the one watching porn, It isn't proof at all. And she could've look away when her father got on the website, and unzipped his pants.

We don't know that op actually watched the could just be that they can't get the fact that they have a video of it out of their head..but either way it's pretty freaking messed up

Valiumknights44 12

#71 actually the cat is both dead and alive until we open the box to examine

"So awful... Can't look away... Oh God, my eyes!" I imagine OP was paralysed with shock and traumatising horror.

maybe just put the whole computer in the bin.

And a video of one of brothers master baring would be less disturbing?

I would have quit watching once I saw who it was. There was no need to keep watching, especially knowing what was coming.

CharresBarkrey 15

Seriously, what were they expecting to see? You don't just look at porn without masturbating.

What kind of parent has to use one of their child's computers to do that? There is usually a family computer or one of the parents personal ones before children get their own from what I am used to. This guy must have a problem and doesn't want his wife catching him if he doesn't know how to get rid of all traces of looking up porn.

80skid 15

I'm sure the brothers and the father are equally disturbing. OP probably just did not expect that kind of behavior from a grown man, let alone her own dad.

21, actually my boyfriend and I do look porn without doing anything else.. just to make fun over them.

CharresBarkrey 15

52 - To each their own, I suppose.

eric40962005 8

52 says the guy who puts a dick in his ass so funny

^Well that was uncalled for...

BusinessTurtle 8

I watch porn for the plot.

123- I watch for the stellar acting.

Maybe this person is a redneck. The term brotherly/sisterly love takes on a whole new meaning out in hickville...

hillbillyboy1993 7

174- why the fuck do you automatically assume redneck means incest? i am as hillbilly as it gets and i believe its digusting. if you wanna start throwing out stereotypes, i see you are a football player so do you go take showers at penn state for the "fun" in the locker room? think about what you say before you say it and dont be so fucking offensive

sovetskiy 8

174- Hickville, Malaysia? Ok.

Her brother's are younger and were the expected culprits. She respected her dad, but probably less now.

Damn looks like #186 must've had a bad experience with a younger sister, am I right?

you_failed 15

Where's the bottle of brain bleach when you need it?!?!?!?!

Its right here

It's right here... in your cleavage??? No thanks. I'll get my own.

No in walmart

And we were suppose to know your location how?

Or a memory worm. ...A what?

It's at the bar!

Redoxx_fml 22

Used it all after I saw my sister plucking her nipples

Too bad her boyfriend thought the nipple hair was an eyelash.

Doctor Who Christmas special FTW!

So now you know where those mysterious stains on the carpet are from. Tell him to get his own damn computer if he can't control the urges.

wlddog 14

A computer $600 A spy camera $60 A video of your dad wanking it, priceless. (unless of course you blackmail him for a grand)

lol get him a girlfriend

Just a guess, but he may be married..

Maybe the mom is a prude and dad needs a good outlet for his... urges. Not saying I agree with cheating, but I'm fairly sure the comment was in jest.

Sometimes there are things that porn stars do that any self respecting man would never ask his wife to do. Scratch that. There are things that porn stars do that would lead to a messy divorce if you were to ask your wife to do them.

Werken247 14

Honey, I know it's a donkey, but he has a really nice personality! Yeah, I see your point #118

Reminds me of star Wars. Luke... I am your father.


madgrinchhatter 12

Besides the word "father" this has nothing to do with Star Wars

How did u find out someone was watching porn on ur computer?

jgriff79 23

Search history

KiddNYC1O 20


Excessive junk mail with the title "Meet Russian Naked Babes in your Area". Yeah had that one before.

If you found out your father was on the computer looking at porn, I would highly suggest deleting the history before I discovered more things I didn't want to know.

jem970 19

I get those emails and I have no idea why :-( I never watch porn but they just showed up one day. It sucks.

The_sGTw_0979 4

#68 sometimes that just happens. :/ my mom went to some Canadian medical website, and ever since she's been getting email from *facepalm* I think there are just weird viruses attached to random things.

skyenoelle 15

I don't even know if I would even want to use the computer after that.

Search history, she could have been typing in a different URL with the same first letter. Or she could be going on the site herself and saw that it was recently been viewed.

You need more than brain bleach right now.

Why didn't you turn off the video? You didn't have to watch the whole thing

Common sense is a scarcity now-a-days.

It doesn't specify that she watched the whole thing. For all we know, she turned it off as soon as she saw that her father was masturbating

I bet you also wish you got a big fuck-off bottle of brain bleach for Christmas too.

Oh man didn't see #3 comment until right now, my bad.