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Today, I sent my resume to a place where I hoped to work at. Since the job requires me to be doing work on the run, I put on it that I have a laptop. The only problem is that I always thought it was "labtop." I didn't learn the correct spelling until my daughter called me an idiot, she's 6. FML
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It's hard for me to believe you've never seen the word "laptop" before. How about ads? How about the side of the box your laptop came in? How about news articles? even television ads?

YDI. You should ALWAYS spell check a resume before sending it.


Hahaha... That's horrible. :(

Your daughter can play with my labtop. But in 12 years. Because you know, it's dangerous to let kids play with lab stuff.

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Wow that's bathetic! What the hell is wrong with you? You're a worthless loser! You can't sbell! :D

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YDI. You should ALWAYS spell check a resume before sending it.

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He said he thought the correct word WAS "labtop". That's not spellcheck - that's common sense.

perstephane - but spellcheck still should have picked it up, because "labtop" is not a word. OP - yes, you're stupid. I can understand some 70 year old guy who's never owned a computer not knowing the right word, but how can you OWN a laptop without knowing what it's called?

Oh, give him a break. These types of errors are fairly common, everyone has at least a few. They're really hard to figure out though because you don't know you're wrong!

hello stone age

rofl ask here to help next time

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YDI for ending the first sentence in this post with "at."

I'm from Illinois, and here we tend to end sentences with unneeded prepositions.

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Woo go Illinois! And how is this any different than all you who thought it was "duck tape?" (Don't try to deny it, EVERYONE thought that at some point)

because we learnt that it's called duct tape before we were old enough to have jobs and kids?

There exists a brand of duct tape called "Duck Tape". It has DUCK TAPE in big bold letters on it, then in tiny letters beneath that it says, "brand duct tape". I lol'd.

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@#43- I really hope your error was intentional, but I can't tell. Even so, your point is made.

yeah and when i was little i thought ornaments were called ordaments and perhaps was called ferhaps, but then i turned 8 and i could spell and speak properly. woah that sounded rude when i go back and read that. haha sorry. i'm just saying that op deserves it because she's an adult and her kid can spell better than she can. well, that's also an FHL because she's a little slow. sorry, op but you need to learn to spell laptop before you use one. because you are going to have to spell more difficult words than that while using it. good luck getting the job though haha :)

#33, I think people still reffer or think of it as "duck tape" because that was its origanal name, it was used in WW2 on ammo cases and called "duck tape" because it was waterproof, much like ducks, thus they named it so.

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FAIL. It's called duct tape because it was created for use on heating/air conditioning DUCTS. The brand name DUCK tape was created as a play on the fact that many people already called it that. have fun reading up, not only does it state the creation of duct tape during WW2 in also mentions the fact that it should not be used ducts. Later in the 1970s when it was actually used on ducts its name changed along with its colour (to silver) to suit the work it be used for. Tape was invented in the 1920s but that wasn't duct tape, it was masking tape. I doubt that you use duct tape on ammo cases, probably on ducts, like in Fraiser, fixing up a arm chair or maybe even taping some to the wall. Or if you have enough spare time, build a boat like the Mythbusters.

@#52, if you meant #43's use of "learnt" that's proper in the UK, which is probably where they're from.

The OP is a man, #54.

But there IS a brand name, "Duck Tape". They even have a little ducky in a sailor hat as the mascot. You can't blame them if someone, much less a corporation, encouraged their idiocy. Mike Judge's "Idiocracy" is a prophecy! :(

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Hate to burst your bubble buddy but "Duck tape" is a brand of duct tape! So I could see how everyone grows up thinking it's called "Duck tape" and how many people do you know that actually try to emphasize the "t" on the end.

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Wow. YDI for being completely out of touch. Labtop? Seriously?

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You're stupid. I wouldn't hire you.

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haha, I had trouble with that word for a while, of course I'm in seventh grade while your trying to get a job.

It's hard for me to believe you've never seen the word "laptop" before. How about ads? How about the side of the box your laptop came in? How about news articles? even television ads?

how about the fact that it's a computer that goes on TOP of your LAP and the reasoning for the name is pretty obvious

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YDI that a huge pet peeve of mine. There is even a guy on TV commercials SELLING COMPUTERS and he pronounces it labtop. Seriously?? I really hope you didn't get the job.

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lol, it's a pet peeve of mine too.....

what do peeves eat

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They eat morons.