By mako - 26/05/2017 02:00

Today, I sent my mom a link to a news article via Facebook. Immediately after sending, however, I noticed I had forgotten to copy the news article's link, and what I had sent instead was the last thing I had copied and pasted: a porn link. FML
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Facebook just became Disgracebook for you.

you will grow to be a legacy in your family


you will grow to be a legacy in your family

Facebook just became Disgracebook for you.

might be one of her favs

Talk about fake news! Those ladies are constantly faking.

another comment from me. the real question here is what kind of **** was it? was it just ordinary **** or **** that would make it hard for your mother to look you in the eyes

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For your sake, OP, I REALLY hope it wasn't incest ****.

malsomethingorrather 5

This is a phobia of mine. Every time I paste a link to friends I double check its not something embarrassing. Doesn't matter how long it's actually been since I actually googled anything bad.

I'm the same..and clearing searches before letting people use my phone/ pc

Say you were hacked? It's a common thing yeah?

why were you copy-pasting a **** link bud

It was going into the bibliography of his Humanities paper. Or for other future reference.

Happy Belated Mothersday