By noneofthesex - / Tuesday 10 February 2009 20:46 / United States
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By  iF_Stunna_Says  |  0

that sucks, I think he might be cheating on you :(, or he wasn't in the mood, I agree your life is FUCKED UP. only that moment. Possibly his phone was out of batteries :P

By  NotoriousMandog  |  0

I would make sure that you sent it to your boyfriend and not someone else. Though I'm sure what happened is he just didn't get it, as he didn't get to his phone and see it, his phone is dead or it's one of the casualties of texting and just didn't get to him. Oh you should also check to see if the message actually sent from the phone.

By  blah_blah_shity  |  0

aww. that sucks :( he's gay? or cheating? if my bf did texted me that i'd hop right over

By  gamegoes4life  |  0

men need to man up and find their balls...stop talking about double standards and hating on this girl...your girlfriends wants to f**k, then you better f**k....otherwise be a man about telling her there is someone else...men that B*tch are such F*cking losers

  CamBen42  |  28

So basically you are also saying that if a man wants to do the do and a woman's doesn't want to, he can fuck her anyways. That's without that double standard.

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