By uglyshoegirl - 08/03/2015 21:49 - Canada - Brampton

Today, I sent a picture to my best friend of the shoes I want to wear to prom. She replied, "Wow those are so unique". I guess she forgot that last week she told me she only uses the word unique when she hates something. FML
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If you like them that's all that matters!

She sure seems to be a unique person


That's when you reply with "I know! I even thought they would look great on you; they seem to match your unique personality as well." Maybe that will refresh her memory.

xChaos 29

Imo, best friends can just straight up tell each other if the shoes, dress, makeup, or anything else is ugly and save you from embarrassment. Sure you both are best friends?

xChaos 29

But her best friend doesn't say it directly.

She probly hasn't realised

drayloon 50

They're not her shoes, they're yours. Your opinion is the Sole one that matters

In all honesty, if she isn't buying it, she doesn't get a vote in what you're getting.

As long as you like them that is all that matters. And if they are so "unique" to her, then you don't have to worry about her wearing the same pair. Either way, like someone has already stated, don't let your friend not liking them persway you away from them. Also, I hope you enjoy your night at Prom.

16: That's the worst advice people can give.

Stop being so negative! What's your advice then, wise guy? Jfc.

I think we need to have some restrictions on FML. how is this even a fml moment? op searched far and wide for something to write

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Wow, lot of people hating on the friend. It's not like friends are obligated to agree with your style choices. Not liking a pair of shoes doesn't make someone a shitty person...

ZY1431 24

well she sounds like a blast

I think I appreciate the fact that she's got a way to state her opinion without insulting yours. It's not like she's saying the shoes are gross and you're stupid to wear them. I think she'd be worse to smash on the shoes you love. This way you know she's not a fan without making a big deal of it.