By Noname - 03/02/2009 02:36 - United States

Today, I sent a guy that I like a lot a picture of myself, I got all dressed up sexy and did my make-up. He sent me a reply saying "your cat is fat". FML
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That was very rude of him. Send it to me and I'll give you a fair and unbiased compliment.

Put your cat on a diet


That was very rude of him. Send it to me and I'll give you a fair and unbiased compliment.

Put your cat on a diet

how old are you? doing you're makeup shouldn't be that big of a deal

awww that sounds like something my bf would do.. he is actually really sweet he is just awkward with words sometimes.. give him a chance.. you never know what he could be like

#47 Indirectly calling someone fat is sweet? I get what you mean, sometimes I phrase things badly but never ever ever would I say something like that without meaning it.

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ahahhahah Number 15 said it all.

Ahws, kitty~!

i don't know if i agree with some of those statements... but he prolly sees you as sexy all the time, so he didn't notice when you were trying really hard :

LOL I seriously look down on people who dress themselves up to "look sexy" and all for someone else. If it isn't you, why do it? You'll get sick and tired of pretending one day and it's better he knows what you really are like instead of finding out 4 years later with the second baby coming along the way. But yeah. Lol @ his comment. It's sad, but hey I'm sadistic. Why else would I come on the site?

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i totally agree. i hate it when people pretend to be some one they arnt just to get a date. or some ass... ?

Who said she's pretending? Maybe the clothes and make up she put on make her feel pretty, and that's what she wanted to send to the guy she likes. There's nothing wrong with dolling yourself up for someone you like. I personally don't put in all that effort for other people, but to each his own. I wouldn't look down on someone who likes to dress to impress.

Thank you 66. #23, I find it odd that you look down on people for dressing up for someone else.. To feel sexy, we tend to enjoy looking good for someone else... You're not spending the whole dress up in front of a mirror - guess you anticipate someone else to see.

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Lol, that happened to me once... Except it was a bit different. I posted an album of pictures on Myspace and told the guy I like to comment them... He ended up only commenting on the picture of two guys (who were gorgeous btw) looking like they're in love. And that comment, wasn't one of the "haha what fruits" comments either.

It was a pretty rude thing to say, yeah. At least he has a sense of humor.

#23 wtf? Looking sexy for someone has nothing to do with pretending to be someone else! It makes the other person know you're interested, or it can make it special. I dress sexy when I go out with my boyfriend, and yet I act exactly myself when I'm with him. If I were to go out on a date in torn jeans it means I don;t put any effort into the relationship and couldnt care less what he thinks! If a girl goes out and buys lingerie for a guy, is she pretending to be a hooker? NO she's probably just going to surprise him for some fun in the bedroom.

lol, fat cats are tempting to look at. Maybe you weren't working with the goods.