By Roses are Red / Thursday 7 March 2013 06:07 / United States - Ridgeland
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  chell1894  |  13

Envy and jealousy are different actually. Envy is more so towards someone's possessions while jealousy is more so looks or appearance. Similar but different.

  Meshidaru_fml  |  7

#58 I just controlled the meaning of yellow flowers : it can mean friendship, falling in love, infidelity AND jealousy (in Europe and especially in German countrys). And btw, stfu.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

I can't even see why OP would want to be back with his ex, with her bitchy attitude. The ex should have thanked him and told him she only felt comfortable being friends, at this time. OP, please find someone way better.

  charvisioku  |  22

77: For all you know, OP might be pestering her and generally being desperate/clingy. I had a similar experience to that with my ex. He treated me like shit then when I broke up with him he decided love letters and shit like that were a good idea. You never know the full story behind these things.

By  lulubelles  |  33

That's her way of turning you down op. She should have also said thank you, but at least she wants to be friends and didn't just send them back all shredded up!

  Suaria  |  35

Well I've only dated 3 guys. One of them I lost contact with because he lives 8 hours away, another I still talk to sometimes only because we go to different schools and on friendly terms with and the last one, I go to school with and I talk to and he is a friend. Personally none of these guys have been jerks. You just have to find the right one and know their personality. i usually can tell if a guy is a jerk or not. I'm not trying to be mean, but I've noticed most girls go after the jerk guys and ignore the ones who will make them happy.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

^Many women thrive on drama, especially in their relationships. Plus, most women think the jerk-type men will change just for them (which usually never happens!).

  vic55jets  |  13

Moving on is not as easy as you are making it sound, great advise. Eventually he should, but right now he needs to come to terms with it. Please tell me, why do u think moving on is so easy?

  Ameel_fml  |  19

They never said moving on WAS easy. They said OP should try STARTING to move on. Which is true. The sooner he comes to terms with the fact that his ex wants to remain an ex, the better it will be for him. It might take time. But eventually, it will be worth it.

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