By tango-c - 17/03/2016 19:56 - United States - Parker

Today, I sent a cover letter in which I bragged about my exceptional attention to detail. After it was sent, I noticed the company name and address were from a different job application. FML
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Hope you like irony. Never get cocky

That's why you always reread OP


That's why you always reread OP

And re-read again.

Oh the Irony! But yeah, reread it next time.

Hope you like irony. Never get cocky

If I learned anything about being cocky, is that it makes you look way more ridiculous when you fail. Instead of being cocky, I just lower everyone's expectations so they are blown away when I'm pretty okay at something.

Exactly!! Like the fact that I don't know how to read and write....holy shit I'm doing it!

Same but I suck at everything

We've all been there OP! Maybe they'll get in contact with you out of sheer interest.

I once sent a cover letter in which I bragged about my attention to detail as well. Only I missed a word so it read "attention detail"... I missed it when I reread it and only after I sent it did my husband read it and point out my mistake. I got the job anyway. Six years later, I realize that it's because they will hire literally anybody. Good luck to you on your job search, and may you remember to exercise your attention to detail next time.

Would bragging actually help you get the job anyways tho?

Keyword: bragged. Nothing wrong with acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses, but bragging in a job application or cover letter is just a dumb move.

I mean...maybe they'll think it's irony?

Maybe they'll think you did it on purpose as a joke and think it's funny.

Maybe you should not brag at all.