By Anonymous - 03/04/2013 12:06 - United States - Philadelphia

Today, I seemingly decided not to remove my foot from the pedal-clip of my bicycle until I had properly introduced myself to the cement. FML
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Cement, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Yeuh OP, hao dair u yoose doze werds ah dunt understaind


At least you didn't drop an imaginary owl...

I find your comment very original!

TheManager 6

God the entire comment section for this FML is a fucking disaster.

Lant 6

Why do you talk like that?

Because it's cooler than talking like a normal person? "Today, I fell off my bike, FML" super intriguing right?

14- you get the imagery with this one. I imagine OP being physically strapped to the bike by his feet as he crashes to the ground. It's hilarious and painful at the same time.

Been their and it sucks

The wording of this FML makes it hard to understand. Basically you crashed your bike because you didn't take your foot off the pedal? Isn't that kind of required to make the bike work?

We don't know why be crashed his bike but I doubt it's because his feet were on the pedals. The problem is that, once he started falling, he couldn't unclip his feet in order to get off the bike and stop his face smashing into the sidewalk.

OP was probably saying that instead of flying off the bike, they got tangled up in it while falling and it would have made it much more painful since their leg would likely ended up in a bad position still stuck in the pedal

who the fuck uses pedal clips?! other than the decrease in safety, what else do they have to offer? I mean this seriously, this is the dumbest thing.

with normal pedals you can only push clips let you push and pull increasing output a ton

24 look at the tour de france, giro d'italia, paris-roubaix, and ronde van vlaandren peloton and tell me how many are using flat pedals, and don't sweat it OP it happens to everyone when they start learning with clips

I've never understood those pedal clip things. My first thought upon seeing them was 'what the hell happens if you fall down'? I assumed that there must be some way to avoid this happening, otherwise people wouldn't buy them....guess not.

stevenJB 25

Dat bass e.e ^

There is a bit of a learning curve to them, everyone usually falls at least once while stopping until they get used to them.

4, they're more common with competitive cyclists, to ensure you don't lose stride by your foot slipping off the pedal.

perdix 29

#4, they make riding much more efficient by letting you get torque on the upstroke as well as the down. If falling off the bike is a major concern for you, save your money on the toe clips for a body suit made of bubble wrap.

what advantage do they give you? sounds to me like it's just unsafe and without any point to it. MAYBE you can pedal a bit more efficiently but is it really worth the (very high) safety risk?

perdix 29

#27, they give you a LOT more efficiency and it's easy to pull your feet out of them quickly if you have to. Just because you are a klutz, don't go around belittling things you don't understand. Speaking of which, how are you doing with that StarThrower chick? Did you ever work up the chutzpah to PM her?

Chill guys, I appreciate that there must be a point to them, otherwise they wouldn't be used by professional cyclists. I just assume that for the casual cyclist there isn't much need. I'm sure you can understand why, at first glance, they might just appear odd and a little scary to someone who doesn't know that much about bikes.

I will never have a bike without them again! It's not rocket science to pull your foot out. The only reason I can see for having trouble getting your foot out is that the clip is too tight. If you have a little bit of room for movement then your foot won't get stuck. It sure beats the hell out of your foot slipping off the pedal and scraping against it. But to each his own. Those that don't use them are going to be the ones that don't get why we do.

My spinning class has those bike clips. They're helpful but you can do some damage if you taking your feet out too quickly. :P

perdix 29

#43, you fall off the bike in spinning class? Holy shit! I'll even chip in to get you a bubble-wrap suit!

No, silly, no falling. Those pedals have a mind of its own and went crazy when I didn't slow down fast enough and needed to get off quickly. Those seats hurt my booty. ): Now you know. :P

perdix 29

#50, ah, I see. So, you need bubble wrap bike shorts, I guess?

#50, stay off the velodrome. Perdix: you sound like a cyclist. OP should always wear a helmet, including driving and showering.

I find it quite aberrant that during this discussion of bubble wrapped vestments that no one commended OP for taking the initiative to suitably familiarize him/herself with the cement.

YDI for talking like a scholar

Yeuh OP, hao dair u yoose doze werds ah dunt understaind

I read that out loud like a Scot.

5 is American so it was meant like a southern but I could see getting Scott from that too haha

Yeah #5, I hate it when people use words, and such. I can't understand them when they do that.

Gutafaerie 2

The wording was completely understandable.

This makes it sound like you cemented your foot to the pedal whilst drunk... Is that what happened? IS IT?

You seemingly deserve it, possibly. I'm almost certainly persuaded that it's possible that you may or may not have been in the wrong, or something in a shade of grey. Maybe

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Pleo, did you accidentally the whole thing again?!

perdix 29

#8, which one of the 50?

I used to mountain bike all the time! and that happened to me... except with a massive bush which i thought would be subtle until it, bounced me back causing me to do some weird flip flop maneuver on dirt and rocks... I know your pain...

YDI for riding a bike. Don't you know you can like, buy a Humvee or something useful?

Horton Hears Crickets Chirping.

Obvious troll is obvious