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i agree w/ #1, so fucking what? id be excited to where that to school, i've always wanted to be a pirate:) lol


Oh stop whinning! I've done that before and yes it's painful, but who cares about what other people think? You should be fucking thankful that your not going blind like I am. Grow up.


It's probably cool looking. I saw an eye bandage at the store, and it looked awesome. Come on, I doubt there is a person out there that is such an asshole that they make fun of a guy who hurt his eye.

i did that the first day of school this year and missed the next three.. which consisted of my first volleyball game of the season and two quizzes i couldn't make up. shit sucks.


She got a paper cut on her eye? Holy shit... how'd she do that? Looking too close to the edge of a paper, and just 'happened' to fall on it?

I did that, although I did it at the right time, I was in the second grade, and everyone thought I was badass, being a pirate and all. Sorry buddy

Ya know, I heard from my doc not long ago that the bandages really aren't necessary--takes the same amount of time to heal without them. Still sucks for ya, though.


Yeah I don't understand why they HAD to wear one. Two months ago, I had a scratched cornea, bruised retina, and a swollen iris, and it wasn't necessary at all to have a bandage over my eye.

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