By busrides - 24/12/2009 09:35 - United States

Today, I saw the girl I had confessed my love to two years ago on the bus. We chatted for a few minutes and she got off on the first stop, saying that this is where she had to get off. Twenty minutes later, I see her in the bus next to mine. The bus number was 20. Like mine. FML
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huh? this is confusing.

perdix 29

At least you made her "get off." Maybe in two more years, you can help her get off the fun way! Bus #20? 20 minutes? Coincidence (*cue up "Twilight Zone" music*)?


huh? this is confusing.

Basically, he confessed his love to a girl. She made an excuse about how she had to go, but in reality she didn't because he saw her on the same bus branch.

Thank you. I was confused also.

iwannafuckyaman 0

But he confessed his love two years ago. she got off just to avoid talking to him. Not because he confessed his love just then

Kennzz 0

But the point was that she didn't even want to be on the same bus as him

oooh ok sorry. wow that does suck, but maybe she just doesn't like you. bummer dude.

YayAmerica 0

She was, however, nice enough to make up an excuse instead of just telling him to fuck off. It's not like the whole thing wasn't awkward for her.

loooooooooool_fml 1

Yeah, because getting lied to is sosososososo nice, isn't it? The chick could have just told that she doesn't want to talk to him or something like that, not lie.

JustAReaderOfFml 4

yeah, but then he would have been like 'oh ma gawd, girl i was in love with told me she wasn't interested and didn't want to talk to me FML'. OP, ur obviously annoying and clingy if she felt the need to do that. i've often felt like doing that to the odd person but the fact that she actually chose to do something as risky as changing buses to avoid any further confrontations with you indicates to me that you are a pathetic loser. D:

shes just not that in to you

perdix 29

At least you made her "get off." Maybe in two more years, you can help her get off the fun way! Bus #20? 20 minutes? Coincidence (*cue up "Twilight Zone" music*)?

She got off the bus, waited for the next one, and that bus caught up to the one you were on? Looks like she had the right idea.

Yeah, how did both number 20 buses get level?

This happens all the time in my city. I don't know why, but I can't tell you how many times I will be waiting for the bus, one won't come for thirty minutes (supposed to be every ten) and then, THREE WILL COME BY AT ONCE. Actually, OP and I both live in California, so maybe it's the same damn city, who knows.

That totally happens where I live... You wait ages and then as if by miracle all of them show up at once... and you never know, maybe the one lane was faster than the other or just the bus driver's driving was different. You never know.

Maybe because if the busses are timed close enough, the stops are empty because all the people at the stop are on the first bus en so the second bus doesn't need to stop and take passengers as many times as the first bus, and is therefore faster as the first bus. No rocket science.

Seems fake for that reason.. cause even on busy days, busses are usually at least 5-10 minutes difference, so she couldn't have been on the same bus # as him..

What a mean girl, she doesn't deserve you.

go_rangers 0

How is that mean? She was trying to spare his feelings while getting out of an awkward situation. Obviously she hasn't reciprocated his feelings for the past few years. She could've made it into a situation but didn't, she decided to remove herself from the situation while leaving the guy his dignity. Unfortunately, the bus she got on passed his, and he found out, but she tried to spare his feelings.

Babushka_Homyak 10

well said

expen_dable 0

So if a girl turns down a guy, she's mean, but if a girl got with every guy that made a move, she would be a whore. I guess girls just cant win.

the trick is to just get with the first guy that shows interest. then all she has to do is say she has a boyfriend.... wait no we're bitches if we say that too... guys are more complicated than they think, we can't win.

YDI for creepily confessing your love to someone who you obviously were not in a relationship with, that's not love, that's infatuation

to #10 if you cant confess to someone that you have a crush on them/love them how are relationships suppost to happen?

She's saying that love is not the same as infatuation or a crush. If the OP really "confessed his love" to her, that is a lot different than just saying "I have a crush on you; we should go out sometime."

So you've never been friends with someone, fallen in love with them, and told them? (Not saying they were friends, but it happens outside of 'relationships', is my point.)

That was actually one of the things I first thought of when I saw #10's comment. I, in fact, have been in that situation, but it was still infatuation.

My husband was just a friend, I got a crush/fell in love, and now hey look, we've been married a year. Real love happens that way, it's no uncommon. :p

But you had the crush before you fell in love. I'm just saying it's not the same thing.

I still don't think you follow.. Yes, crush obviously came first, but I fell in love with him while we were still only good friends (admittedly more like best friends, but just friends nonetheless). It's just not that uncommon to fall in love with someone you're not actually dating.

I completely understand. I wasn't making that point. My only point was that they are two different things. I never said you couldn't be in love with someone outside of a relationship.

dudeitsdanny 9

POINT IS.. this couldn't have been love. They obviously weren't friends, or at least not even decent friends. Let's stick to mocking/pitying the OP rather than fighting with each other =)

drawmesunshine 17

It could have been love. Or some mild indigestion that the OP mistook love.

No_fyl_cuz_ydi 0

Yea this is just dumb. You confessed your love two years ago. She doesn't feel the same way. Get over it, move on, and learn how to write. ydi for living on the past.

imperfectclarity 0

Jeez, what were you even chatting about that made her leave like that?

How angelic she looks when she sleeps. ;)

1337_RoXxXor 4

its was quite expectable, everyone would feel uncomfortable in that Situation

at least she tried to be nice about it. apparently you weren't appealing to her two years ago and you still aren't. she couldve just told you to screw off and then you'd have a fml. you're lucky she was nice.