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Today, I saw some servicemen sitting outside a café, and I went over to thank them for their service. They waited till after I was done shaking their hands before they told me they were just actors on their lunch break. FML
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It was a very nice thought OP, they probably were trying not to embarrass you

I know! It's really stupid to thank the people who put their lives on the line and get very little in return. Why the hell should we thank them for defending us? Why do they deserve that? The reason you two are going to get thumbs down is because you're clueless ******* morons who don't deserve what those people in uniform are defending. **** you both.


It was a very nice thought OP, they probably were trying not to embarrass you

Exactly. They were probably just being polite. Still thank you for the thought OP, we actually do appreciate the thoughts very much. It's a very nice gesture and something we can reflect on with pride. Right now my thoughts are on the poor servicemen/women who are in the Mid East during the holidays.

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My father-in-law is serving in Afghanistan right now and for the holidays. It really does stink for them this time of year! But you can help by sending cards and cookies. They'll get passed out to soldiers over there. It makes their holiday season a little brighter. :-)

Shaking their hand must have horribly upset your entire life OP to care that bad they weren't what you thought was "worth" a handshake.

Wow your life is terrible. How did you survive such an ordeal?

Not that I don't admire the gesture, but did you really feel the need to do that?

I know what you mean. My best friend literally does it to EVERY service person she sees. I see this happening to her. .

These people risk their lives for us. Dedicate their lives. Give up their lives. Give up any chance of being normal in order to give us freedom and liberty that those before them sacrificed to provide for those before us. It is the simplest gesture that we may offer.

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@5 If you talk honestly with 98-99% of those who serve they tell you that one of the kindest gestures that they can get is a handshake and a thank you. Enough people don't respect service members as it is, why harp on someone doing the right thing towards them?

That's why I said I admire OP's gesture, but let's not pretend our servicemen defend our country without having to end other people's lives while sacrificing their own. I think it's noble and brave to defend your country, but with what's going on around the world, I would wish these servicemen well, but I don't think I'd have the heart to say thank you.

As a Service Member I completely understand what you're saying mn; there's a lot of bad things going on in the world, and we try to fix it. I can I've taken no lives, but I've saved and improved many.

I don't agree with war. But I do respect and honor the ones who risk their lives to defend us. of course I wish we didn't have to kill and be killed but that's how it is. I say thank you to all the service men/women I come across. It's just polite. they volunteer to protect this country. that includes all the people in it. It's nice to let them know we appreciate it. there's nothing wrong with that.

I get that you might 'not have the heart to say thank you' because you dont agree with war. But you should think about the countless sacrifices that soldiers, and their families make also. My brother is deployed and its hard knowing that he is in danger and far away. It makes it even harder when people say insensitive things like 'he's taking lives, he's a murderer' and 'troops are evil'. I dont think that war is right, and I dont support it, but when it comes down to it, im proud of my brother because he stepped up to do what most of you wouldn't - volunteer to sacrifice his life to make yours better. the least we can do in return is to give them our respect.

I would love for someone to show me appreciation for what I've done. Even though I never wear the uniform anywhere. It's nice to know that some people still care enough to at least show some kind of nice gesture

I'd say that it's not worth the risk of reminding someone of what they might have done. If somebody has PTSD or something, then you could really upset them. Of course, I compare walking around in camo to having a Mensa card in your wallet. It's basically saying, "Hey! Look at me! I served in the military and really think you all need to know that!" Anybody who does a service and feels the need to advertise it doesn't deserve a handshake. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, after all.

#44: You don't have the heart to say thank you to people who are putting their own lives on the line to protect you? Please take your ignorance and selfishness and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

This whole 'thanking people for their service' idea is really stupid IMO.

I totally agree, it's a shame we're both going to get down-voted to oblivion though.

I know! It's really stupid to thank the people who put their lives on the line and get very little in return. Why the hell should we thank them for defending us? Why do they deserve that? The reason you two are going to get thumbs down is because you're clueless ******* morons who don't deserve what those people in uniform are defending. **** you both.

Wow I actually have to say DocBastard is right. And there is a technical reason. If you don't appreciate us for serving to defend the country, then thank us for serving and keeping the military a volunteer force. Otherwise it would be back into conscription with a mandatory 4 years of service from your two bitch asses.

I agree #21. My cousin took shrapnel in his neck while deployed in the Marines, and is blessed to have recovered unlike many others. The least we can do is a simple thank you and handshake for those who serve.

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I have/have had friends who have lost their limbs, lost their sight and lost their lives serving their country. I'm grateful for what they've volunteered to do so I don't have to. If you don't think those are good enough reasons to thank then for their service #6, then I'd hate to have to live up to your standards.

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#6, If that's how you feel, then you being able to enjoy the freedoms that our servicemen/women put their lives on the line for is stupid, "IMO"

The freedom to be a disrespectful douchebag is a perfect example of what they're fighitng for. Well, that and control of the oil.

My best friend's husband isnt on the front lines, but he has been deployed about a week ago to the other side of the world. He left her and their newborn son and will miss his son's first christmas and probably his first steps and words. His sacrifice makes sure that boys arent forced to leave when they turn 18. I cant wait until he comes back home to his family, and I have already thanked him for his sacrifice.

# 17 hooah brother, well spoken/typed.

at #49 part of the clause of joining the service is taking orders from political figures who appoint us to fullfill their interests along with other needs of the US government. The reasoning of many to join is to offer our lives in lieu of the lives of civilians If need be. There is evil all over the world, as soldiers/sailors/marines/airmen, we cannot pick where we go or for what reasons.

If you guys don't want to stand behind the service men & woman, then feel free to stand in front of them.

I really don't like the military-idea. Some idiots of presidents get pissed at each other and sends thousands of men on their country. I don't believe in peace, but i do wish that men some day will fight their own fights.

^ You don't believe in peace? What kind of a statement is that.

Okay, the people who walk around in military uniforms don't deserve my handshake or my respect. I respect those who do their service and then rarely mention it. My great grandfather only ever told me one story from WW2. He did his service and almost never mentioned it again. Anyone who deserves my respect would prefer to separate themselves from military paraphernalia rather than wearing a uniform to feel special. It's always better to give in private rather than in public.

It's the thought that counts. You honor the people who fight for your country. At least be proud of yourself.

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At least you only shook their hands. Those jerks.

They're jerks for being honest? Makes sense.

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And they are jerks how? For being actors on their lunch breaks? It's not like they said, " Why don't you thank me for my service, since I am clearly a serviceman." They were sitting enjoying lunch, and OP went up to them. I don't know how you come to the conclusion of anyone being a jerk in this situation.

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Were they in full uniform dress with medals and everything or just in some type of camo? It's illegal to impersonate a military officer by wearing their actual uniform dress in public

No, according to the Supreme Court there is nothing illegal about impersonating military personal.

It may not be illegal but if you get stomped for pretending to be a marine/sailor the cops, at least the cops around here, will look the other way.

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@ 18 The Stolen Valor act says different...

The only people I've seen get in trouble for wearing medals are active duty or reservists wearing unauthorized medals. We had a douchebag who wore a fake marine dress uniform all the time. He didn't stop wearing even after campus police and local police talked to him. He only stopped after he got beat down and stripped down to his underwear on college grounds.

It is only illegal if it is used to illicit profit or benefits from being in the military.

In United States v. Alvarez the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on June 28, 2012, that the Stolen Valor Act was an unconstitutional abridgment of the freedom of speech under the First Amendment, striking down the law in a 6 to 3 decision.

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It's also illegal in both Canada and the USA yup wear another person's medals. These being actors, if it were full dress, the medals would be fakes.