By Anonymous - 12/06/2009 01:15 - Canada

Today, I saw some friends' cars at a friend's house, but thought nothing about it. Then I found pictures on Facebook of the pool party they had as a going away party for my friend who is leaving the country for three months. I had no idea my friend was leaving and I was the only one not invited. FML
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You're the annoying person in the group that thinks everybody likes him but the rest of the group actually can't stand him, and sometimes even say so, but you don't get it, and continue to believe you're their best friend. FYL!

not much of a friend then. dont let it get to you. there are way better people in this world. you just got to find them


Hey bro, don't sweat it! Just do what I do. Head for the nearest men's restroom and cruise for some hot action. Then, you'll feel better!

Hunt them down and have your vengeance. It's the only logical thing to do.

You should throw a party and not invite any of them. Or find a hooker. Or you can just buy a bottle of JD and cry yourself to sleep. Or a combination of the three.

Is it ironic that you find out you have no friends on facebook - defeats the object really. Spend less time on facebook and more time making actual friends

So obviously he's not your friend. I would say go find some new friends, but go find some ACTUAL friends. Good luck!

I guess that is kind of harsh but on the flipside your behaviour is kind of strange... You were "casually wondering around the area" when you spotted all these cars at the supposed friend's house. You then "happen upon" photos of a party on Facebook?? You sound kind of clingy and almost maybe stalkerish?? But still no matter your flaws or faults you deserve better "friends" than that - they don't deserve the time of day.

They could live near each other or the friend's house may be on a popular road, it isn't suspicious at all. If OP went on facebook, the photos would be on her newsfeed. It has zero stalker vibe to it and is a totally plausible series of events.

Sounds like you didn't keep up much on what was going on in your friend's life if you didn't even know they were leaving the country. Maybe they thought if you couldn't be bothered, neither could they.