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Thats gotta suck. Confront him about it.


Thats gotta suck. Confront him about it.

hahahahha ouch that sucks sorry you werent invited!

So the now ex-bf's party...

25? Is that one bitch for every bitch you are, bitch?

he was telling u it's over duh

maybe, or maybe he just wanted to hang out with his guy friends on his birthday. i mean, it's HIS birthday, so it's kind of up to him

yeah but if that's all it is he should be able to explain that. If he's hiding it, then i'm thinking there was a reason.

Was the so-called "reason" A stripper named Rea Sonne (Reason) Or maybe one named The Guys (The Guys)

There has to be a reason you were not invited!

it's your fault. You picked a horrible bf from the start or you do something that bothers him enough for him to not want you to be there.

What ..? Where's the logic in this?