By StupidPets - United States - Murrysville
Today, I saw my new pet fish completely missing the food at the bottom of his tank and sucking up the little rocks instead. My last dog died from eating rocks. I think I'm doomed to have insanely stupid pets. FML
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  PANDORUM89  |  21

Sand can kill them too, so I agree with the above commenter. Either buy larger stones for your tank or switch to barebottom tanks, not only are barebottoms easier to clean they can help keep your ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, and pH levels steady because you don't have trapped food sitting on the bottom. This can be used for fresh or salt tanks and shouldn't cause any issues unless you have burrowing creatures or plants.

  Queen_of_Night  |  20

I was about to say this. It's normal for some fish to suck up rocks then spit them out. It's also normal for a new fish to not eat for a few days.

Longer than a week though, OP should go to a fish forum.

  curlyzwurlyz  |  3

The goldfish I had as a child once sucked up a pebble bigger than what he could handle. It got wedged in its mouth and you could tell it was struggling because his body was flaying around in a frenzy and it was banging itself on the tank wall. Thankfully my father was home that day, he hurredly fished him out and removed the pebble from its mouth and dropped it back in the tank. The fish was fine after that.