By musicthief - 22/10/2012 22:51 - United States - Finleyville

Today, I saw my music teacher, who I considered one of my role-models, on TV. Too bad it was because she'd robbed a church. FML
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Well she won't be teaching you again very soon.

She ALLEGEDLY robbed a church.


Well she won't be teaching you again very soon.

Maybe they'll send him to "Sturdy Wings" to be someone else's role model. :P

13 - Are you sure? She seems to have a lot secrets... :P

LMAO!!! Secrets, eh? Mild mannered, cross dressing music teacher by day. Church robber by night.

The was a distinctive "she" in the FML

Some of the people you think are nicest have an evil side

Maybe the church was secretly stealing from people... And your teacher is secretly stealing de money back

"Secretly"? Have you seen the pope and his gold cross?

All churchs steal from people and its not really a secret.

I like that the Roman Catholic Church has an absolutely ridiculous net worth, yet they also like to name 'excessive wealth' as a deadly sin. Go figure.

They ask for donations... how if that stealing?

She ALLEGEDLY robbed a church.

Things like that is why I don't have role models.

They always say, "Never meet your heroes".

What about Batman? He can be a great role model... Just saying.

what a double-crosser!

Was that an attempt on a really bad pun?

SApprentice 34

There's no reason she can't still be your role model. You obviously thought her to be worthy of modeling your behavior after before now, so there's no reason to stop striving for those traits. She has made a mistake. Maybe this is the worst mistake she'll ever make, and the rest of her life she'll still be that awesome person you knew her as. Really good people can do terrible things, and bad people can do really amazing things.

Yes , yes she's quite the role model * Obvious sarcasm*

SApprentice 34

18- I'm not saying that her every action is worthy of praise. Obviously, what she has done is very bad. That doesn't mean that OP can't still appreciate and try to to take to heart those qualities that were admirable to begin with. The teacher is not going to be a part of OP's life anymore, since she'll likely be losing her job and going to prison. She won't be an active role model, but OP can still look back and think about the things that they liked about the teacher. The teacher had good qualities that OP was trying to emulate, and those qualities are still something OP should remember. Maybe the teacher always made a point of greeting every student individually, and OP liked that, so OP will make it a point to politely greet each and every person, because of the positive influence that the teacher had while in school with OP. OP doesn't have to think about it in terms of 'I'm trying to mimic a lady that robbed a church', they can think about it as, 'I'm returning the positive actions of a teacher who I greatly enjoyed learning under.'

I actually completely agree, she can still be your role model.

I'm sorry, but I refuse to read your book.

This is just more proof that music teachers aren't paid anywhere near enough.

No teachers at ALL are paid nearly enough, at least not where I live.

I suppose that makes things slightly awkward now, don't they? :'D