By roobb - 09/08/2009 23:11 - Canada

Today, I saw my girlfriend with an older guy who I thought was her dad, I went over to introduce myself. And then turned around and walked away very fast as I saw them make out. My girlfriend is cheating on me with someone as old as my dad. FML
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you should have gone through with it and introduced yourself "hi im emma's bf, you must be her dad, it's nice to meet you sir" = WIN

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maybe she's a gold digger?


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you're not only first, you're also stupid

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omgg congrats man you're going far in life

And you didn't even bother to squeeze in for a steamy three some? Oh boy do ydi or what?

Why would you turn around? That's just weird. Today I was making out with a girl when her boyfriend came. Then he just left. FML. Wow that sucked, can somebody help me out with a better reverse fml?

Today, as I passionately made out to this girl I had just only met at a Wetzel Pretzels, I noticed a guy walking towards us. He took a few glances over before hastily walking off the other way. I quickly took this opportunity to squeeze the girl's breasts without the guy looking. FHL

Haha that was perfect. You should do this for a living! Wetzels pretzels. Classic.

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ur gf is fucked up in the head,u should beat her and the oldie

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maybe that was really her dad & they're really close?

Totally ripped from How I Met Your Mother.

She probably have some deep and serious daddy issues. Or she's just weird like that. FYL.

Why would she start making out with the old guy right after her boyfriend sees them?

Probably because she didn't see her boyfriend.

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LOL. That sucks! this reminds of the movie 'Big Daddy'.. If it's any consolation, they both ended up working in hooters in the movie xD

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lmfao win!

I thought of that movie too! And it's kind of an obscure film. (At least I never heard of it until I saw it.)

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maybe she's a gold digger?

maybe he is her sugar daddy?

you guys are so mean to onlycusimbored. seriously, grow up. and unfortunate_13, how dare you call someone stupid? it's so rude, especially because you know nothing about them. asshole.

If they make a stupid comment, we have full rights to insult them. Like yours!

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So it's not okay to call someone stupid, but it's okay to call someone an asshole? I'm really not sure what your point is here. Either you can insult people, or you can't.

Personally I would rather be called stupid over assh*le...well actually I prefer "b!tch" because, really, in that certain time in each month, every girl can be a female dog. But certainly, ma'am, I am not someones' poop hole! (Even though you weren't calling ME one... I'm just saying! Who wants to be called that?)

Dude maybe it wasn't your girlfriend.

wow that really sucks! FYL

(8) would u be my daddy.. Please be my daddy(8)... Thts all I'm sayin...

older men can be a bit sexier than someone a girls own age.