By food critic - 22/12/2016 14:26 - Australia - Ryde

Today, I saw my girlfriend's mother tagged at a restaurant, the same one I had suggested we try earlier in the week. At the time, she quickly shut me down because "that place sounds terrible". I guess she forgot that she finally added me on Facebook. FML
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I'm confused by this FML

It could be that she is humoring her mother. Depending on how old she is, like if she is a teenager, her mother may have just decided that's where they are going to dinner. In which case she would have had to just suck it up. If she is older, well I can admit that I would go to a restaurant with my mother that I wouldn't go to with my spouse. The reason for that being, in the long run, I will likely have less time with my mother unless my spouse and I break up and would like to see her happy and therefore am willing to humor things even if they make me flinch as long as they aren't things I fully can't stand. When it comes to my spouse, I want us to go to places we both can enjoy together. I don't like seafood so we don't go to seafood places together. He doesn't like coffee so we don't go to coffee shops together. But we both like hispanic food so we go to hispanic restaurants together.


why are you trying to go out to eat with her mother?

Good question. It's not like she's the mother of somebody very important to the OP and therefore worth getting to know. Plus, he prolly just called his in-law outta the blue and was like "hey, let's go out to eat together." No way it was suggested by his girlfriend organically while they were all hanging out together. Wait.

I was being sarcastic. the wording makes the FML unclear

Suaria 38

They might have been having dinner with their girlfriend and girlfriend's family, and the mom shot down the restaurant that OP suggested.

I think you need to look up the definition of sarcasm there, bud.

13, maybe you should. Not my fault it went over your head.

You wrote it, and the sarcasm doesn't come across at all. It's entirely your fault it went over everybody's head...

When you type, you have to make certain elaborations to make sure the sarcasm comes across. Typing a perfectly normal sentence and then claiming it to be sarcasm when everyone questions it doesn't work.

not my fault if you're not quick to catch on lol

I'm confused by this FML

OP asked his girlfriend's mother out to eat. OP's girlfriend's mother said that [restaurant OP suggested] sounded terrible. OP then saw on Facebook that OP's girlfriend's mother was tagged at [restaurant OP suggested].

Look at the bright side: at least she agrees with you. Granted, only when it's not your idea, but still!

This is somewhat confusing. I'm guessing this is an FML because you wanted to take your girlfriends' mother out to eat and she said no because the restaurant you suggested was, according to her, shit. But she ended up going anyway without you. Well, she is grown and people can change their mind. Ask her where else she would like to go and take it from there.

I interpreted it as the mother actually likes the restaurant but only said it sounds terrible because OP suggested it, implying the mother dislikes OP which would be an FML to him.

Maybe he suggested it as a restaurant for a group that included her?

Just tell her to pick a place next time and just go with it. Its not like you have to live with her, right?

...Who cares?

You did enough to click, read and comment.

She did it on purpose to show you how irrelevant you are...

so confused but f*ck your life lol

...What? I'm not quite sure I understand.

mermaidkeels 26

The way I see it, you saved yourself $100 bucks.