By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Milton Keynes
Today, I saw my ex boyfriend walking down the street in my direction. I've put on a bunch of weight since we broke up, so I turned to look in the nearest shop window, hoping he wouldn't notice. Unfortunately he did see me, looking straight at a KFC. FML
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  R2Y2  |  22

If you want your ex to feel like shit, well I'm pretty sure that puts you on the moral low ground. In fact, if you want anyone to feel like shit then it does. The fuck is wrong with you?

  bvo_27  |  14

I kinda understand/relate. If I see my ex, I put on airs in front of her as if I've been having the time of my life since after the break up. I guess to make them seem like they aren't worth your time anymore?Something like that.


In an ideal world, perhaps. But for most people, looking happy, rich and successful when an ex sees you is important, especially if it was the other person who ended it. It's that whole "The best revenge is living well" thing.

By  Angelkisses130  |  26

I understand everyone saying she should be proud and I agree but you have to keep in mind that us girls are really self conscious, sometimes for no reason. Plus, who really wants to talk to their ex anyways? It doesn't seem like they were friends, and to be honest I probably would have done the same thing as OP