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  jake_braves  |  25

At least you don't have to deal with them any other time. Just know you are better than them. Work out to get it out of the system and be content you are not with that hoe anymore. Sorry OP. Perhaps you'll find someone better at the gym yourself.

By  denna44  |  14

Wow they must be incredibly immature.. I feel for you& would just say not to let them get a reaction out of you. Go about your day like they aren't even there

By  Mynxie  |  26

If you don't show them that it affects you, I am betting they will get bored of it. They sound like children and you are lucky to not have them in your life anymore, outside of their harassing you at work. And I agree with another reply saying they are not content with their lives. If they were happy, they would be doing better things with their time. Stay strong