By jarv49 - 16/03/2012 17:24 - Australia

Today, I saw my doc about the painful swelling I've had in my arm all week. He seemed totally out of it, and ended up telling me it's all in my head, despite the swelling. When I respectfully suggested it might be a blood issue, he just said "nah". FML
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Time to change doctors.

Seems like someone has been writing off his own prescriptions.


Time to change doctors.

Did he smell like weed?

May I suggest Doc Bastard?

He'd be a doctor to say a lump on a woman's breast may either be all in her head or a third boob.

Malpractice. You could have owned yourself a hospital :D

Are you a artist OP? I heard once a artist dies his paintings are doubled in value. Maybe he wants to make some extra cash.

Maybe he had an overdose on some medical marijuana he prescribed to himself

...did you just use the words overdose and marijuana in the same sentence? wrong.

58 I don't think thats possible

Everyone forgot dr.Mime.

I hate this I look dumb because it didn't show my first comment so I reposted it and then it showed it!

Unfortunately we don't have medical marijuana in aus. If he was stoned it would be on the friendly street variety.

Time 2 change 2 DocBastard.

Not hard to figure that one out. Hope you went to emergency room after that

What a useless doctor.

DocBasterd? He still owes me a free colonoscopy!!!!!

The doctor sounds unprofessional!

I'm still waitin on DocBastards Anal Violator 5000.

I'm going to join the thumbs down parade. YAAAAY

Seems like someone has been writing off his own prescriptions.

I was gonna say something like that! :D

Not to late to find another doctor that doesn't get high on the job...

whattttt mannn??? u b trippin

I recommend DocBastard.

Yes, you should change the doctor.

Wow, that's a great idea you came up with.

You heard the man, its all in your head!

Yeah OP, I'm sure it's nothing.

He's only under the impression the you've been chocking the ole' chicken rather hard lately. In all seriousness, if it doesn't go away send a complaint to his superior/boss saying that he hasn't taken you seriously.

Resort to medical marijuana

Oh I'll take some Jamaican Dream, and a bag of that purple stuff!

I'm sure OP's doctor would be able to acquire some for him...

Sounds like one fun doctor.

Maybe, but 'fun' is not the first positive quality I'd choose in someone I go to solve *any* problem, much less one to do with my health. We only get one body each, y'know?

But what if you were having a problem having fun?

Time to switch to the other arm then playa. Stop overworking the right arm!

Hundred bucks says he printed off his own diploma from med school.

Haha on your profile it says you are a grammar nazi: Yet I did find some errors xP

It does say that they are half a grammar nazi and that they do make mistakes of their own sometimes. Read thoroughly before criticising, or you may end up looking like a complete douche. Your comment would be Exhibit A, hahaha.

40- Way to quote my profile. I do appreciate the view though. :D

*views StoryOfTheYear's profile*