By FailedSniper - United States
Today, I saw my dad's friend across the street working on my neighbor's roof. To continue the airsoft war we'd been having I shot at him with the sniper gun I bought. I hit him, and he fell off the roof. I ran over to see if he was ok. It wasn't my dad's friend. FML
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  Kenik  |  6

I just want to know if he had Second Chance Pro because then the guy could nail him when he runs away because he thought he killed him!

  biggmike  |  6

no it is commando pro. after the second level up for commando it's commando pro. I never used lightweight but I never had fall damage with commando pro.


it's gamer talk. it's Call of Duty. it's Commando Pro for Modern Warfare 2. it's Lightweight Pro for Black Ops.
Anyways, that is freaking amazing, lol that's a fail/win. either way it's EPIC

  do20ss  |  4

clear case of playing on hardcore, he shot his teammate at the objective which was on the roof, he was planting the bomb, if it woulda hit him and he stayed on the roof, it woulda been core not hardcore, lol COLTS

  facilitator  |  0

ya, airsoft pellets lose speed almost as soon as they exit the barrel. to balance that out manufacturers can make it leave the barrel however fast they want it. paintball is set 280-300 fps


129, he meant they lose significant speed. Most airsoft guns put a spin on the pellet to keep it in the air longer. I've got a pretty beast airsoft sniper that can accurately hit a can from about 40 ft away. My brother shot me point blank with it and it left a blood welt.

  zoosteful  |  0

uhh, srry to burst ur little bubble #119, but army, navy, marines, air force and basically any type of force fighting for their country are the best. they are fighting for ur freedom (US's case), and just fighting for their country and the ppl of it. there is no "best"............

  Prankster7o7  |  5

Marines suck? I dare you to go up to a US Marine and say that, retired or not. Those men have given their time and sacrificed for you to have the right to say stuff like that, same goes for EVERY branch of the military, I'm thinking you were joking but that's really not something to joke about, it's disrespectful.

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

119, i can tell just by reading your post that you are either current or former army. i agree with #5 -- it's a sniper rifle, but the army way of demanding that you say "weapon" instead of "gun" or "rifle" is all semantics. it's ostentatious at best; really, *anything* can be a weapon.

but...from an army vet to another...hi! :D

|the kid|

  mrs_mac07  |  0

you freakin idiots if you would look at my picture you would see that we are an army family! duh! of course I support our military. it was a joke. every branch jokes around with other branches saying they better. open your eyes before you speak.

  FFAffliction  |  0

I realized you were joking around 119, I was just saying that before any arrogant asshole posted something disrespecting veterans or any current members of the armed forces.