By anonymous - 18/06/2009 14:04 - Norway

Today, I saw my crush walking on the other side of the street. She hadn't noticed me, so when she did I nonchalantly looked over and casually waved to look cool. I then walked right into a lamp post. FML
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It's cool now though guy. We can downvote his post and it'll get buried!

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No I don't either. My lord how many people post this shit a day? Everyone is awkward with their crush at times. Just play it off and she won't even care.

whats wrong with the comment. that is classic. ****** idiot shouldnt be trying to look cool by being casual. maybe seeing his crush outside where he normally sees her is an opportunity to talk to her, and he passed it up by just waving. and then walking into a lamppost. CLASSIC.

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He wrote that he was first, that's what everyone hates. Just OCD reasons, you understand. No one cares that they were first.

And I'm upvoting to counter your downvoting... but, seriously. It was classic.

Not sure why this post is causing so much rage.

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Ha, be more careful next time.

I just love knowing that people all over the world **** up, not just Americans.

I did that once haha. YDI, I should know.

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and you have a great conversation starter/compliment, "You looked so lovely I lost track of where I was going."

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Next time just walk over to them and say "Hi"

Really? Apparently walking into a pole is the most ****** thing that could ever happen to a person cause it's on here at least once a week in various forms.

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i hear ya! Every day it seems like, "Today, I saw my crush and tried to be suave but ended up looking like an idiot." congrats, you're an idiot. Moderators, step it up! There are some really good ones i vote for that never make it on!

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people always walk into things on this site...