By FBfail - United Kingdom
Today, I saw my boyfriend of two years had joined a group on facebook called 'Guys who are proud of their girlfriends'. I smiled and was about to like it when I noticed a comment below from a girl saying "Awww thanks babe :) xxxx". FML
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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

musicalibrary, what?

OP, on the extremely off chance she was joking, did you ask him about it? You should like it anyway and change your status to "in a relationship" with him just to get things started.

  jasonsaied  |  1

sometimes it mentions 2 people joinin the same group together. she probly commented on er boyfriends post, not his

  ButterflyBaby  |  0

OP has EVERY right to be freaked. ur just an undersensitive bitch who has no one special in their life. kaythankssbyeee. :)

OP, talk to ur bf about it. and also talk to the girl. I wish you luck! I'm sorry babe.


All the guys saying "OMG ITZ A JOKE!!1" would say the girl was a dirty slut if the situation was switched around with the OP being a guy with a girlfriend who was possibly cheating. #36 and #49 are good examples of angry fat teenage guys venting their repressed anger towards females on the internet.

  Noah_h  |  0

sooo true.. happens to me all the time for example I might put a status that says "I love youuuuu" and a random girl would reply " awe thanks"

  Monikabug  |  9

It wouldn't have been about looking like a creeper.
The girl would have done it intentionally to be a bitch, as some of us girls do tend to do to one another.

By  wooani  |  0

Ughh I've been talking to this guy for weeks, and we've hooked up a couple times and hung out, and on his Facebook page I saw some girl had written, "Can't wait for our date next week