By FBfail - 28/02/2010 13:10 - United Kingdom

Today, I saw my boyfriend of two years had joined a group on facebook called 'Guys who are proud of their girlfriends'. I smiled and was about to like it when I noticed a comment below from a girl saying "Awww thanks babe :) xxxx". FML
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facingforeverr 0

did you say thanks too..?

not right. i was crushed last time something like that happened


musicalibrary 4

Sorry about that op. That is very attractive of him.

If you ever feel sad, just remember that you were the fastest out of a million semen. And SECOND!

musicalibrary 4

Sperm seems like a more appropriate word choice.

Number 11098.201 !!!! XD 8B <- tities

amazinggbaby 2

Maybe she was kidding? Girls at my school kid like that all the time.

musicalibrary, what? OP, on the extremely off chance she was joking, did you ask him about it? You should like it anyway and change your status to "in a relationship" with him just to get things started.

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I think you need to beat that ho.

musicalibrary 4

@22 It was a response to a comment was deleted. I know my comment is very awkward currently.

well now u know, and knowing is half the battle!! lolz

ever heard of a joke?

CooLbEAnS1096 0

luv g.i. joe!

Horney4her69 0

I reply like that to my friends statuses... probably just a joke.

woww, fuck that. I hate cheaters.

jasonsaied 1

sometimes it mentions 2 people joinin the same group together. she probly commented on er boyfriends post, not his

aprilmcelwee 0

maybe she was commented about someone else

jason2468 0

well dumbfuck chances are it's a joke op

jason2468 0

this isn't even an fml get a life op

rachel7482 0

how do u know she wuz talking to ur bf?

loski87 4

107 I'm pretty sure she saw on his wall that he joined the group

LemonMan 0

Wtf are you smoking?

conrewjr 0


ButterflyBaby 0

OP has EVERY right to be freaked. ur just an undersensitive bitch who has no one special in their life. kaythankssbyeee. :) OP, talk to ur bf about it. and also talk to the girl. I wish you luck! I'm sorry babe.

ButterflyBaby 0

that was @36 maxxattack

skillz3333 4

in soviet russia, groups join you!

kaleid0scopeEyes 0

All the guys saying "OMG ITZ A JOKE!!1" would say the girl was a dirty slut if the situation was switched around with the OP being a guy with a girlfriend who was possibly cheating. #36 and #49 are good examples of angry fat teenage guys venting their repressed anger towards females on the internet.

ok I think she's has a right to be worried and you don't have to ba a bitch

well fherlife, because she was willing to comment, you were just going to like, so she is the better girlfriend :P

Noah_h 0

sooo true.. happens to me all the time for example I might put a status that says "I love youuuuu" and a random girl would reply " awe thanks"

chriswood21 0

hhahaha I agree

dump the loser

beiberlookalike1 0

ur hot sam:)

Jbiebs82 0

attractvive? WTF she's a whore

zendaddy0 0

this ties in with another fml did u check later and he said "no not you" to her?

not right. i was crushed last time something like that happened

facingforeverr 0

did you say thanks too..?

JoeJonasAnnoysMe 0

Aw! What a jerk. That's still a cute FaceBook group tho.(: Maybe that girl said that just to make you mad??? Maybe she wasn't serious?? Idk. :)

4: Yes because I bet she wanted to look like a big creeper. FYL OP.

Monikabug 9

It wouldn't have been about looking like a creeper. The girl would have done it intentionally to be a bitch, as some of us girls do tend to do to one another.

KellyIly 0

Ouch. That mus really suck. ):

Yeah, this kinda broke my heart since it was her man of *two* years.

Ughh I've been talking to this guy for weeks, and we've hooked up a couple times and hung out, and on his Facebook page I saw some girl had written, "Can't wait for our date next week

you've been talking to him for a couple of weeks and you have already hooked up a few times? can i get your number?

rachexl 0

hhaha 24, you made me lol

Well at least it's not the NINTH time it happened to you! ;P

iMaGiNaTe 0

I didn't know we could post FMLs in comments.

QueenOfStars 0

go kill the sh!t out of Herr!!! don't stand for it!

Sorry, I failed :( I meant 11th :(

PsychoMerk 0

Gut him for the pig he is o.O

sixbabydonkeys 0

@15 your name fits you