By Anonymous - 15/10/2011 17:05 - United States

Today, I saw my boyfriend of a year kissing another girl. When I walked up to confront him about it, he tried to convince the other girl he didn't know who I was. FML
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That's when you just ninja kick him in then face then move on.


This is the part where you scream like a mad woman and convince his new girlfriend that he's a lying bastard

That sucks OP:( sorry about that and do what 5 said haha:) ^^^

Say something only his girlfriend would know, like his full name or birthday. Hah

Your boyfriend has a twin!

You know what they say: You are what you eat.

That sucks. Happy sweetest day OP

Or just leave him like a normal person would.

(waves hand) These are not the boyfriends you are looking for

You should've went to cheaters so we can watch that funny crap, and you'll get money, it's a win win situation:)

That sucks OP. Makes you wonder what else hes been up too. Time to get a new boyfriend!

29, were do I start regarding the comment you made? 1. I'm pretty sure his relatives, friends etc would also know his full name or birthday. That's not just a thing a partner knows. 2. Even if you do know someone's details, doesn't mean you know them. Just by looking at your FML profile I was able to gather not just your birthday, first name, and what I'm assuming to be your last name in the second part of your username, but other information about you in your 'about me' section.

109, I was playing on the fact that OP's boyfriend was pretending not to know who she is, so she could prove she knew him! I realize your point, and I'm sorry for not elaborating! And by the way, my last name isn't Corrine. :)

^ that's why I said 'assume'. Glad you clarified. :)

Oh shit. That sucks OP :(

Just punch him in the throat. Problem solved.

I would aim a bit lower!

I would aim a lot lower :)

I would punch him in the overies (because his picture is ron bergandy)

Haha nice picture

That's when you just ninja kick him in then face then move on.

I would have ninja kicked him in the nuts

I woulda done the same. If he tried to explain to you, he'd loose both. But by explaining to her, he'd still have a chance in at least keeping her. Makes perfect sense.

He's not chuck norris. Come on now, that couldn't have happened. Sucks tone you OP, ouch

Best breakup strategy I've ever heard: Amnesia.

Sorry I hate cheaters

Doesn't everybody?

Oh no, that's always lovely to be cheated on...

Hey, sharing is caring...

Yes, but the show is hilarious.

15 - if everyone hated cheaters, then cheating would cease to exist. And yet it continues.

135- why would that stop cheating? people will still do it

People hating cheaters and people hating cheating aren't the same thing.

I hope you then convinced him he was an asshole by punching him in the balls.

More like kicking...

No she should convince a asshole by punching his asshole not on the pee pee you asshole (PS I'm trying to confuse you) lol

Wow, seriously again? No, no woman should ever kick a guy in the balls. That guy will be some girls prized possession in the future, and you could've been the one to deny her a baby.

I wish I did that

Well, I hope you never get in a relationship...

He deserves a roundhouse (to the face) in my opinion. (:

I'll activate the chuck Norris signal.

Hopefully that didn't suceed thats just retarded

Your photo gave me a headache for some reason. :/

If you don't dump his ass, you deserve to be cheated on a billion more times.

*Can't stand girls that let guys walk all over them. Have some self-respect.

More than a billion. If that's even possible.

63- For real? You think a billion is the highest our system of numbers goes to? How do these people get into our country?

That's not what she meant. She meant 'if it's even possible to be cheated on more than a billion times...' Think before you speak. Or in this case... Write. (y)