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  dre_bro11  |  12

29, were do I start regarding the comment you made?

1. I'm pretty sure his relatives, friends etc would also know his full name or birthday. That's not just a thing a partner knows.

2. Even if you do know someone's details, doesn't mean you know them. Just by looking at your FML profile I was able to gather not just your birthday, first name, and what I'm assuming to be your last name in the second part of your username, but other information about you in your 'about me' section.

  hannahcorrine  |  0

109, I was playing on the fact that OP's boyfriend was pretending not to know who she is, so she could prove she knew him! I realize your point, and I'm sorry for not elaborating! And by the way, my last name isn't Corrine. :)

  flakitaa22  |  0

I woulda done the same.
If he tried to explain to you, he'd loose both.
But by explaining to her, he'd still have a chance in at least keeping her. Makes perfect sense.

  hawaiianfire  |  0

Wow, seriously again? No, no woman should ever kick a guy in the balls. That guy will be some girls prized possession in the future, and you could've been the one to deny her a baby.