By TheOtherWoman - 18/01/2013 17:21 - United Kingdom - Weston-super-mare

Today, I saw in my browser history a profile from one of those "Facebook of sex" websites. Turns out that my boyfriend has been posting naked pictures of himself on there using my laptop and flirting with teenage girls. His excuse? "I have friends on there." FML
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Photoshop his penis and make it look smaller.

Time to say good bye to him.


Time to say good bye to him.

I agree. I'm a little mad that this didn't read ex boyfriend.

What an idiot, not even bothering to delete his browser history

Photoshop his penis and make it look smaller.

Lmao agreed!

Ask the ugly girl from the other fml

#2, lots of girls prefer small penises. They're going to be so disappointed thinking that your boyfriend is a highly-prized teeny-peeny, but then he whips out his big, ugly python and ruins it!

21: Where are these girls!?!? I NEEED TO KNOW!!!!!!

There's no creeping like Facebook creeping :)

I don't think it's really Facebook.

Don't worry they just help him practice.. :D

Practice makes perfect! Tiger Woods taught me that. Clearly I mean his golfing career...

It's okay, chill the fuck out, and watch catfish you really don't know who he is talking too. It's probably 13yr old boys or 65yr old trying to fuck

Personally I prefer to watch salmon when I chill out.

5- Him doing that while still in a relationship is still not okay. Especially child porn.

UHM, NO. It wouldn't matter who the fuck he was talking to he's still flirting and posting nudes of himself online for other girls to see. That's a big no-no, just to let you know.

#5 you act like catfish is a revolutionary show lol

It is even worse if its a 13 year old boy! It doesn't matter how old the other person is. It is still wrong.

I like watching the police bust creeps like her boyfriend for messing with kids like a pedo if he's of legal age...that's right. I was taught by and am still in touch with a police lieutenant. :)

Tell him if others get to see him, he doesn't get to see you

Is your boyfriend a teenager or some old creeper in his 40's? If it's the former, dump that cheater; but if it's the latter, that's adorable!

thumb down please.

I hope you mean the other way around. If he's in his 40s, it's really creepy. If he's a teen, it's not as bad as it could be. But still, OP could get into trouble if there are Mark Foleyesque communications between a grown-up and teenagers on her computer. If her boyfriend wants to pull this shit, he should use his own fucking computer.

#33, no, I am not mistaken. I got it right. Yeah, I know it's counter-intuitive but it's true. Try going on one of those Facebook for Sex sites and see how well-received you are. You'll be pleasantly surprised ;)

Gross, dump him if you can't fix the problem. That's not right.

If you can't fix the problem? I wouldn't try to fix anything with him after that.

sounds like a small problem

How is that a small problem? It's a big problem

47- Im pretty sure that it was a joke about the guys dick.

I would dump him for the simple fact he couldn't have the decency to use his own computer. He point blank has no respect for you at all.

"You can post your dick online, you can flirt with teenage girls, and you can occasionally offer them sex at a local Pizza Hut, but if you use my fuckin' laptop again I'll break your legs off and beat you with them."

Yeah as always nobody gets what I am saying so thumb me down here I'll make it easier fuck all you mother fuckers :)

10- are you serious? Is that the only reason he was disrespectful?