By justwow - / Wednesday 21 March 2012 23:58 / United States - Fort George G Meade
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41 has a point. You CAN probably use sex to get the Internet... However we've all seen a lot of those guys who work for the internet companies... Do you really want to get your Internet that way? ;)

Oh and before you all go off on me for hating techs- I've worked as one. Over 50% of the employees didn't shower... So yeah. :p

  beccaishereyay  |  11

I do see your point. But no guy that has nice, satisfying sex with his girlfriend should choose anything over that!
I said the honestly thing aiming toward issues or faults people have that they can't change. Maybe this girls boyfriend is subtly trying to tell her to amp it up a little without telling her flat out that she sucks in bed?

  Drigr  |  8

Don't you know how FML works? If he had chosen sex, OP would've written an FML about how her boyfriend is a sex crazed nympho that only keeps her around to get laid. Yes, I would chose then internet, but I am also perfectly fine with a romantic, sex-less, night out with a girl.

  lilikawaii  |  6

48, you obviously don't know much about women or relationships. :)
I think in order to keep a long term relationship satisfying, sex needs to be enjoyed by both partners.
If I felt that my boyfriend cared more about the Internet, I'd be pretty offended. Maybe I'm crazy for thinking that sex is more important or maybe I have great sex with my boyfriend. :D

  infamous1212  |  10

I agree. Sex is great. However in today's world Internet is extremely important in everyday life. Many people need it for their jobs, you use the Internet everyday without even thinking about it. Like many people above me posted, no matter how great the sex is, if you can't pay your bills or eat I wouldn't be exactly in the mood. As it is obviously a hypothetical question, go ahead and ask your boyfriends if they'd rather never have sex or never have internet access. It seems like you'll probably be surprised by how they answer.


If my boyfriend announced one day that he would choose the Internet over me, I'd nod, giggle, and get back to my Battlefield deployment. There's no way I'd ever provide him with such a dilemma, and I can't think of any other reason he'd be faced with a choice, so I.can confidently that I'm not too scared of the Internet taking my place.

By  lajaynay  |  15

Porn? Also, maybe if you were better at sex, he wouldn't want the porn or care about Internet access.

Just a guess though. Personally, I enjoy Internet access AFTER sex. So.. That might show where my priorities are.

  lilikawaii  |  6

I think most guys watch it regardless of their sex lives. Also, I really hope you don't go on the Internet right after sex. That would be pretty awkward. Lol


Maybe the guys uses Internet for things that are actually important like paying bills an research? Sex can't do that. It's like asking would you rather have a house or have sex. Sex is only that important to frustrated teenagers.

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