By Dummy / Tuesday 10 November 2009 05:47 / United States
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  DalekScythe  |  0

not really an FML. yeah it's a bit akward, but now you can see what you cousin has been up to and what she's been doing and hang out! so more like WIN ( kind of)

By  frootloopkicker  |  0

I could totally see something like this happening to me... That's what happens when you have a large family where you only see a person once every five to ten years. Definitely FYL.

  xclegend613  |  0

i'm normally not a fan for using pick up lines but that sir has got to be the best. if you ever use that and she goes home with you your a champ. if i use it i will make sure i reference you

By  TJStarzZ  |  8

What kind of family are you from? Last time I went to a family reunion, there were cousins I hadn't seen since I was 5, and I STILL remember them. Close-knit families are ftw. :D

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