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Today, I saw a woman breast feeding her child at the local park. That would have been just fine if the child wasn't at least 8 years old. FML
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zingline89 18

You got it all wrong. It was her husband, Benjamin Button.

This is gross and that's going to be one messed up and a clingy kid later in life!


This is gross and that's going to be one messed up and a clingy kid later in life!

All I can thing about is the movie grow ups. "I want mommies milk!!!" No. No more mommy milk.

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Not just gross but rigoddamndiculous!

33 - I'm assuming you have read the scientific articles about the current research of how breast milk might be the cure to breast cancer, prostate cancer, and different types of skin cancer! I see you are been up-to-date with your science facts, you should totally take over DocBastard's position! You know what they say, drink mama's milk everyday, and that will keep the cancer away!

33- No, breast milk cannot cure cancer. In some cases, the antigens found in it can help prevent some diseases, but not cure.

TheDrifter 23

Good study, I love how it ignores the millions of nursing infants who have died of malaria in the last decade while declaring beat milk a cure. I know it's hard to believe, but not every internet "study" is accurate.

Agreed. Plus, he took the, "Milk. It does a body good," slogan too far.

Yeahhh sorry guys. I probably was wrong before, but when I saw the FML I immediately remembered a bizarre article that I read probably 3 years ago when I still had cancer. You guys are right, saying something without having reputable facts to back it up was stupid:P Feel free to thumb me down. After I read all the other comments, I realized my mistake and thumbed myself down!

It's was just steroid :D

spekledworf 18

89 Justin Beiber is a tool. We kicked him out of the movie theater I worked at because the dumb kid tried climbing over the ledge into the 21+ area. His argument was "Chuckie Cheese has beer and I can go there." He's an arrogant prick that thinks he can get what he wants.

74 - Sarcasm... Forgot to add that to the end of my comment* My fault xD!

123: last time I checked, no one cares. Stop being such a whiny bitch.

Lol #30 So can I. Now I have to go watch that thanks lol.

This reminds me of the book, a tree grows in brooklyn, where gussie who is around five still wants to drink his mother's milk

89 I thumbed you down , just because you have Justin gaybers picture.

lilmisslovely13 15

In Baby Mama, the birthing teacher's son (around 7/8) still breast fed

Apparently it's something that lots of parents think is fine, it's attachment parenting, there was a big TIME magazine thing about it, with the cover of an 5-8 year old boy sucking on his moms breast. I personally think it's gross!

@ #74 I'm sure the article was implying that the nursing mother was healthy...

lol, @74 did you just compare beat milk to human breast milk and theb claim that the effects of beat milk is enough evidence to not use human breast milk

I'll never understand why some moms breast feed their kid until they're that old. It's disgusting.

Saryrr 3

Do you remember that magazine a while back with that kid standing on a chair breast feeding?

Looks, it is their family, not yours, so they decide when to stop breastfeeding, and your opinion in this case is irrelevant. Still, they shouldn't do it in public.

#11. Yes but the kid was 3 which is perfectly ok. The world Health Organization recommends breastfeeding till the age of 2 at least. Going up to 3 is not an issue and happens quite a lot. People went all prudish and shocked because the kid was standing on a chair and appeared older than he was, which is quite ridiculous since babies can stand and walk from an age as early as 12 months old. 8 year old is way too old though for breastfeeding, I agree. If for some medical reason, you want to give breast milk to your kid at this age, at least pump it. My sister used to use her breast milk to help heal ear infections. She would put some drops in her kids’ ears or hers and that was really efficient as the milk is antiseptic.

28 - if that's the case, then your opinion she shouldn't be doing it in public is irrelevant as well.

60, explaining the obvious: 1. you are not part of their family, so their private life is none of your business. So it is up to them to decide how long they're going to breastfeed their child. 2. When they are not on their property and are in public life, their behavior is no longer private, and is subject to laws. Breastfeeding might fit squarely into "indecent exposure" area.

Lycoris_fml 13

Actually, 78, most states have laws protecting nursing mothers and allowing them to breastfeed in any public place where they are otherwise allowed.

78: You think breastfeeding counts as indecent exposure? That's ridiculous.

81, somehow I doubt that the woman in question fits into legal definition of "nursing mother", since her child is 8. Still, I doubt there's a law that forbids freaking out in public place, so OP could do just that.

78, ever heard of feed-ins? Every time a mother has been asked to leave a place or cover up in my city a whole group of moms would come in and do it to protest the policy of said place. It might not be the best idea to do publicly but very little (if anything) can be done about it. Just gotta accept it and move on.

92, I don't leave in USA, and in my area breastfeeding in public does not exist. Nobody ever does that. Whether it is indecent exposure or not, is matter of legal definition. In my opinion, it would make sense if it would fit "indecent exposure" or something similar.

Edit: just noticed I put "moms" instead of "mums" in my comment. Oops.

MEM0817 18

28. I don't think there is anything wrong with feeding a child in public. Whether it be a bottle or boob. Personally, as long as a mother covers herself up while nursing, there isn't anything wrong with it. I nurse my daughter in public (covered) and I've never had a problem. If anyone were to say anything to me about it though, I'd feel like they're out of line.

totallydonteven 5

There's nothing about breast feeding that makes it indecent exposure. Breast feeding is a natural thing that many mothers do to care for their child(ren) and they should not be discriminated against for it. Especially when most places in this world have no problem with men walking around half naked. Guess what? Just because you're male doesn't mean you don't have boobs. And on top of that, if you use the argument that a woman breast feeding is somehow provocative or distracts you or suggest in anyway it's indecent because you think it somehow crosses a sexual or decent or any other kind of're honestly a bit of a jerk and need to grow up a bit (no matter what age you are). In this particular situation, the ONLY reason this breast feeding is inappropriate is potentially because of the child's age. But no one knows exactly why that woman was still breast feeding him and, yes, it could lead to problems for the child, but honestly, for all we know, it could be a once in a while thing for that child/mother. Even if it is a daily thing, it's still between that particular family.

RedPillSucks 31

I doubt it was a once in a while thing. Mothers only lactate as long as the suckling occurs. Once the kid stops for a while, the lactating stops. This kid has to have been breast feeding for a while. I'm no doctor, but I did sleep at a Paris Hilton once.

140, picking your nose and defecating is also natural, but for some reason people don't like seeing this in public. At the very least it is distracting.

Comparing breastfeeding to defecating?! Sorry to say but it sounds like you have mother issues to me. Breastfeeding is natural and beautiful and I'd be proud to do it in front of an audience. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to mature up and stop thinking of breasts as purely sexual organs. Men may find them distracting but boobs were meant to be used!

167, isn't picking your nose also natural and beautiful? Pretty sure *some* people find pooping beautiful too, although they're minority.

Defecating is perfectly natural as well, and so is being in the nude completely, and all sorts of other bodily functions aswell. Beautiful is subjective and some people may find defecating more beautiful than breast feeding. I'm not saying anything abot breast feeding, but the comparison is viable because they're all natural, so why can't we do it? All this is about not shocking the public, so where do we draw the line? And anyway "breasts are meant to be used" is invalid because we live in a world where society trumps nature for the most part, and so if breasts have a very sexual connotation, then it has to be taken into consideration, you can't just shrug it off.

crammer1 6

I think that comparing breast feeding to crapping and nudity is quite a stretch. Our lack of acceptance of especially poo in public has more to do with our advancement as a civilization in regards to sanitation and cleanliness. We didn't always have a problem with it. We just realized the it spreads disease. Sitting in random places naked isn't very healthy either. Breast feeding is healthy. Unfortunately most people think women should go to the public restroom to do it and that to me is definitely gross!

Breastfeeding in public happens when a mother has to leave the home with her baby, but it is also the baby's feeding time since a baby needs to get its milk. It doesn't effect anyone watching in any way unless they have some problem with it for the "exposure", and harms no one on their daily routine. Defecating, on the other hand, should never happen in public because of sanitation and keeping our streets clean for everyone and to prevent disease from spreading. Also, the smell would make it unbearable and disgusting. You can't compare them at all, while they are natural animal actions that we need to take. Anyways, the question is about the child's age. Sure, it's none of our business to get involved with that family, but we still have the freedom to call that family idiotic for still breastfeeding a child way past the time it needs. In nature, no animals feed that long(that I know of). I haven't done the research, but from simple logic, I would conclude it goes on no longer than a year.

Okay maybe idiotic would be a bad choice of words, but I ran out of edit time. :p

Or the mother could do the decent thing and instead of flopping her tits out for the world to see, get a breast pump and just take the milk in a bottle.

hey man, women have the right to walk around topless if they want in most states, just like a guy can. There's nothing innately wrong with it, the problem is in people's perception of what wrong is and how we were raised to believe things. It's one of the interesting things to philosophize(surprised this is a word) about, like why murder is wrong.

196, yay, if there's no sanitation problem, then public nudity, nose picking and public sex are okay too.

MEM0817 18

78- you're wrong and 81 is completely correct. It's perfectly legal to nurse your child in public and actually there are laws protecting us mommas who nurse their babies in public. 200- no one has EVER seen my "tits" and I've "flopped" them out to feed my daughter. I cover myself well when nursing in public. Also, clearly you're not a parent or a parent who's nursed a child (I'm not sure if you're male or female) but just so you know for future reference, most breastfed babies refuse a bottle because it creates nipple confusion. My daughter will NOT take a bottle. Also, making sure to pack a frozen ice pack and keeping the milk cold enough so it doesn't spoil, then heating it properly (can't use a microwave for breast milk) and pumping enough, etc is too stressful and so much more work than any Mom needs to do when she has fresh and warm milk just right there.

Did I say that? No, I did not, so don't make an ass out of yourself for assuming. Including nose picking into the category of sex and nudity shows how messed up your priorities are. I gave reasons why defecating is wrong and why breastfeeding isn't in public, I didn't address anything else. But since you mention, one of the major reasons that public nudity or public sex is wrong is because of religion. The belief is that allowing such things is disgusting and makes us indistinguishable to other animals, as we don't like believing that we are very similar to them. If you think about it, what TRULY, or REALLY, is wrong with it? It's hard to say, and probably impossible to answer as far as I can think of.

I have a problem with public breast feeding because the ones I've seen do it don't cover up. Their "cover" is the babies head. I personally would rather they not make it so public for everybody to see. And not everybody thinks of it as "beautiful." May be natural, but I don't see it as beautiful

It's ok to breast feed. But if the child is at the age where they can be embarrassed, or made fun of, it's time to pump it.

Teeth are a natural sign the child is ready for solid foods no natural animal nurses for 10% or more of there entire lifespan ...

I don't see why fat guys are allowed to flaunt their man boobs in public, but as soon as a girl does it, it's indecent. I don't think it should be indecent exposure-- a female should be able to show her chest anywhere a man can. It's only fair. I can't even fathom how someone decided that breastfeeding of all things was "indecent"...

Well, a woman can in fact walk around topless in most states. They just don't do it because unlike men who have no shame, they are at least a bit modest :D

True several states have laws on the books that allow topless women in public New York had a big deal over it on the subway years ago

I do the two shirt method... You pull the shirt up and tank top down, the shirt covers mostly the breast... I hate covers and so does my daughter. Every time I try to cover her, she screams the top of her lungs and not only that can't see a damn thing to get her to latch on... So the blanket doesn't work for us!

You can still get arrested, though, because it's offensive enough to some people. Also, I think there was a case in NJ where it wasn't protected because of a county law or something. So I'm not too sure. I also think it's interesting that people are so quick to criticize this woman's parenting, when there are plenty of more harmful things that are more accepted, like giving children fast food on a regular basis or smoking around kids. Yes, it's weird, but it's not the worst thing in the world. I don't know, maybe you guys wouldn't actually say anything in real life. It just seems that some people here are a little quick to judge.

Conclusion of the discussion: when babies are involved, people lose their mind and ability to reason and go crazy. Which is pretty sad if you ask me - you should keep your emotions in check, always.

zingline89 18

You got it all wrong. It was her husband, Benjamin Button.

What have you done?! Now Rule 34 is going to do this, too!

How curious...

Hahahahahaaaa best call ever!!

When the kid´s too old, it looks like incest to me :(

Lycoris_fml 13

There is nothing incestual about breastfeeding.

TheDrifter 23

But when the kid is old enough to have begun sexual development, it begins to appear that way.

Incest is sex between family members. Breast feeding is not sex, last time I checked.

24, Sex is not limited to penetration, you know (For example, you wouldn't grope your blood relative, right)? See "erotic lactation" article on wikipedia. Yes, they have such article.

Lycoris_fml 13

Oh yeah, Wikipedia is a totally legitimate resource. The act of breastfeeding a child is not sexual. I would know; I have breastfed two kids and have felt a sexual attraction to neither. They are also not sexually attracted to me. My breasts become a non-sexual entity during the course of a breastfeeding relationship, even while I am being intimate with my husband and not actively breastfeeding. I was breastfed, as were all my siblings and none of us have a sexual relationship with our mother. To insinuate that a breastfeeding relationship between mother and child is sexual... that, my friends, is the only thing that is inappropriate about the situation.

#4 there is nothing sexual in breast feeding because breasts primary purpose is to feed. It’s our 1st world society that gave a sexual connotation to breasts.

What if the kid is tweaking and groping the other breast while sucking on the first?

Lycoris_fml 13

It's not called "groping." Many babies do this. I've heard it called "twiddling" and it's natural purpose is to initiate let down. It increases hormone production which causes the breasts to "let down" or increase milk production. Again, not sexual.

52, read comments properly. While initially breastfeeding is not sexual, it might easily turn sexual if child hits puberty or near-puberty while being breastfed, plus it is likely to affect his sexual preferences later. Also some children are good at hiding their emotions. Read: "ouedipus complex". As for wikipedia being "non-legitimate"... That's not a rocket science, and that's not something where you need opinion of famous scientist supported by peer-review. Regardless of wikipedia, there's lactation fetish, breast fetish, erotic nipple-sucking, etc. I'm sure you can research those subjects on any "legitimate" porn store/website.

Lycoris_fml 13

87, like I said, there is nothing sexual about breastfeeding a child. Whether there is something sexual about breastfeeding a pubescent pre-teen, I cannot comment because I do not know, nor will I pretend to. And seriously... you want me to use a legitimate porn site as a reference? I realize that there are fetishes but I would not presume to say that porn is the ultimate authority on whether it's appropriate to breastfeed an older child. I would prefer to get my information from a scientific study.

95, Even if (you think) it is not incest, it is more likely to look like incest or something similar to onlookers. Moral of the story: don't breastfeed in public.

Lycoris_fml 13

103, I breastfeed in public daily. I fail to see anything wrong with breastfeeding a child in public.

It may not be sexual for a child (yet) but you gotta wonder what the hell is going on in the mother's mind. What if she's encouraging the behaviour for her own pleasure gratification? Her child is 8 years old! Believe me, I don't want to take away the beauty of breast feeding and the bond between mother and child. My huge family were ALL breast fed but when is someone too old that it may effect their thoughts on want is socially acceptable behaviour? ***On a side note: I see nothing wrong with breast feeding in public. As long as it's done without exposing yourself. No one should be seeing your boob, not even for a split second to lack the baby on.They make light cover ups the baby can nurse behind without getting too hot. To the untrained eye, it just looks like you're putting your baby to sleep. (:

108, I've never seen a woman breastfeed in public in last 25 years. I fail to see what is supposed to be right about it. Breastfeed in private, use bottled milk in public. It is a physiological process of excreting milk from your body. Most of the other similar processes (where body fluids or products are involved) are frowned upon, which is why some people might find seeing breastfeeding unpleasant.

Lycoris_fml 13

Haha. Luckily I'm protected by law and can breastfeed wherever I go. I'm unsure how exactly it hurts you, but you're entitled to feel how you feel. I will never sacrifice my baby's comfort for a stranger's.

totallydonteven 5

114: Accidents happen and breasts can become exposed when breast feeding whether you want them to or not. People need to stop treating it like a woman is purposely exposing herself or in any way being indecent when breast feeding in public. (Not necessarily counting the case in this particular FML. But that stems more from the age of the child than the actual act of breast feeding.)

kitkatkit 4

Why should a mother force a bottle on her baby that she intends to breast feed? I know lots of moms who never use the bottle so when it's time for their baby to eat, they breast feed. Nursing is in no way related to any other activity where bodily fluids are involved.

RedPillSucks 31

I'm confused as to why everyone is arguing about whether breastfeeding in public is right or not. I thought the primary issue was the age of the child, not the actual breast feeding. I think most reasonable people can agree that breast feeding is natural, and different countries have different laws as to whether it can be done in public or not. What are the laws in Australia, and is it reasonable for an (suspected) 8 year old to be still breast feeding?

Have to agree with EvilUndead here, bodily fluids should be private. Which is why whenever a person is sweating or crying in public here, we do the only natural thing and either call the cops or start a lynch mob. I mean, this much should be obvious, right?

157, there are cultural differences. What I REALLY don't get is why would a woman carry her small "baby" long enough to get it hungry in public. Are they that irresponsible? In my area children this young spend most time of their time at home with small walks (in stroller) outside at evening. Because a "baby" can catch cold, get sunstroke, get sick, plus you'll be in trouble if you encounter something dangerous (like a drunk, irresponsible dog owner, etc). When the "baby" grows a big older, there'll be no more need to breastfeed.

raraisbang 12

EvilUndead, it's actually healthy to breast feed until a child is at least two. Are you suggesting a child should hardly ever leave the house until it is two years old?

212, haven't you seen all the posted signs at public playgrounds? I'm pretty sure they ALL say "children under 2 years old not admitted."

raraisbang 12

Actually, no because we don't have signs that say that where I live.

225, allow me to enlighten you: that was sarcasm.

raraisbang 12

Ahh, oops. Long day at work had my brain fried. That makes sense now.. Lol.

172, WOW what planet are you from? Most people stay home the first couple weeks with their newborn but after that they take the baby out. There is nothing wrong with it and why limit you time out to when the baby is not hungry? Some breast fed babies eat every 1 1/2-2 hours. Get real, people have a life and go on about it and include their baby.

Lycoris, you've not comprehended this entire thread. I'm not going to explain because it's all been said. But I will tell you this, although what you're saying is true, it is irrelevant to the specific topic. So reread this all...

Some parents don't know how to let go. I heard a story similar to this about this with a 6 year old, only the lady had like 4 kids, the 6 year being the oldest.

TheDrifter 23

Hey now, I'm over 30 and still enjoy a mouth full of boob. Not my mother's mind you, but still, don't judge.

Osito2011 9

So what you are say, is that it is ok if you feed from your moms boob at the age of 30. Being that, if your mother wants to feed you the boob and you agree with it, then and only then it is ok.

fishstick557 14

53 he was making a joke dude

53 - you obviously didn't read his comment. He said he enjoys boobs, just not his mum's. the conclusion you came to is way off.

TheDrifter 23

I said not my mothers. There is however a twenty something barmaid whose nipples i wouldn't mind suckling on right now. Not sure she'll let me though.

82- we all have a girl in mind like that I'm pretty sure.

Mayim Bialik says it's fine, so obviously, it's fine. Or was that for < four year olds?

SexySlayer1248 18

The female from Big Bang theory?

Yes. Blossom.

hawright 13

She also has a PhD. in neuroscience.

perdix 29

#100. Amy Farrah Fowler, to be precise. She is definitely neither (ee) Penny nor Bernadette.

Her character does. That does not mean the actress does in real life.

Kids are actually supposed to be breast fed until about 6... its natural, society just made it inappropriate.

Even if it is "natural", it certainly isn't appropriate to do it in public.

Kids are fully capable of eating solids at age 8. No need to breastfeed.

calilovergirl 4

Who supplied you with that knowledge? Someone lied to you! Actually as a breast feeder they recommend you start to decrease the breast feeding around 2. I really hope you didn't breast feed your 6 year old. There is nothing natural about that. 6 year olds should be in 1st grade and drinking out of a milk carton! The visual of a child over 3-4 breast feeding is disturbing!

Lycoris_fml 13

I'm lactating right now, as well. I suggest you do a little research on extended breastfeeding. The World Health Organization actually recommends "continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond." Check it out.

calilovergirl 4

I'm sure the "beyond" did not mean a child that old. Everyone will agree breast milk is the best nutrition for a baby, however to avoid separation anxiety issues and other mental and social issues, breast feeding a 6 yr old or older would be detrimental to their development in functioning on their own. IMO of course.

Lycoris_fml 13

The natural age for human weaning is between 4 and 7 years of age. Breasfeeding a 6 year old might not be your cup of tea or mine, but that doesn't make it unnatural or wrong.

TheDrifter 23

Where are you getting that stat? Even the highly radicalized WHO lists the natural weaning age as 2 to 3.

Look, they can breastfeed even till their child hits 25, if they want, but they definitely shouldn't do it in the public. In public - use milk bottles instead.

countryrose92 23

Children should be BREAST fed until they cut their first teeth (about 4-6 months), then the mother should pump and feed the child breast milk in a bottle until the age of one or one and a half while slowly adding in solid foods until the child is eating every meal with the family and getting proper nutrients, then breast milk should be given by bottle once a day for another couple months for the immune system and nutrient reasons but should be completely stopped by age 2. But seriously stop BREAST feeding after the first tooth is cut through the gums cuz then the kids stops sucking and starts biting and breast feeding to long can cause clingy issues

MEM0817 18

39... Why do people think its inappropriate to feed a hungry child in public? My daughter is strictly breastfed and she's 7 months old. She refuses bottles so I cant pump and feed her that way. That being said, because of this, is it really fair to say I shouldn't nurse my child in public? If my daughter is hungry I'm going to feed her. So long as I'm covered, I don't see a problem with it.

MEM0817 18

125- who says to stop breastfeeding after the child gets their first tooth? Babies who are strictly breastfed until let's say 4-6 months usually will refuse a bottle because that's not what they're use to. My daughter will not take a bottle and she is 7 months old. I plan on breastfeeding her until at least age 1. Breastfeeding until then does not make the child clingly. Nursing a child actually creates an amazing bond between mother and child. A baby getting some teeth doesn't mean to stop and give them a bottle. The mother will just have to teach the child to not bite IF they even do. I hope you become more educated in this matter before expressing what parents should do with their children. Your facts are off and wrong.

I wouldn't say it's inappropriate for you to be breast feeding your child in public if she's still a baby. An eight year old on the other hand...

It's not anyone's business to talk about this in a bad way. How do you know he will have clingy issues later. He could grow up and be really successful.

misataylor86 10

Exactly! I wouldn't breast feed that long myself but someone shouldn't be judged for it! I breasted for over 2 years & it was embarrassing that everyone judged me as soon as my child started eating regular food!

misataylor86 10


139, of course they aren't used to it

139, ignore my comment above... As I was saying, of course they aren't used to it by 4-6 months, does that mean they're more used to it by 12? No. There's a first for everything. That's not why they'll refuse a bottle.. And teach such a young child not to bite? How in the world would you do that? They can barely understand you as it is.

125- my daughter is 8 months old, has a few teeth and I breastfeed her. She's never bitten me. She does eat solid foods but gets most of her nutrition from breast milk. Some women (including myself) have an extremely hard time pumping. A baby is much more efficient than a pump, it takes me an entire day to pump one bottle of milk. So pumping isn't an option for everyone.

MEM0817 18

252- Babies understand a lot more than you think. My daughter knows what I'm saying when I tell her to open her mouth for feeding her solids. They DO understand things. They can sense the manner in the tone you use and other approaches. My daughter isn't exactly gentle when I nurse her sometimes and she can hurt me. When she does so, I unlatch her and tell her no in a firm voice and wait for a few seconds before latching her again. She understands to not continue that behavior. So yeah, babies can be taught what no means. So if a baby starts biting, mothers have ways to teach them not to do that.

You're an idiot. Kids don't "stop sucking" just because they get a tooth! They still use the same sucking mechanic if they drink from a bottle. My son was never bottle fed and he never bit me. Bottle feeding is purely choice and not in the least bit necessary. I hope you're not a parent because you are VERY misinformed!

Lycoris_fml 13

While it's not a choice I'd make, there are a lot of benefits to extended breastfeeding. The natural human age for weaning is between 4-7 years of age. Point is, whether you'd do it or not, it's not your place or mine to judge.

superdom 12

Um yes it is its not proper for a developing child

BubbleGrunge 18

However, it is my place to protect my child (if I had one) and I would not want him nor a whole playground full of children watching their friend sucking mommies boob. Pump it and give it to him or, if you like to still breast feed do it before you come to the playground.

Lycoris_fml 13

There's no reason any breastfeeding mom should have to censor something that is completely natural. I do have kids, and if my children saw that on the playground, I'd explain to them that breastfeeding is a natural, healthy bodily function, and some parents choose to do it longer than others. It's all part of teaching my children to be respectful, decent human beings. There are other life paths and choices out there, and just because they are not paths or choices we ourselves would choose, that does not mean we cannot be respectful and tolerant of the people who do choose them.

AgentSmith79 9

Where the hell are you getting your information?? Show me a reputable source that's says the natural age for weaning is 4-7.

@63 Actually they should censor it. Fucking is completely natural too, but you don't want people fucking on the playground do you?

Lycoris_fml 13

105, "human children are designed to receive all of the benefits of breast milk and breastfeeding for an absolute minimum of two and a half years, and an apparent upper limit of around 7 years." La Leche League International.

Lycoris_fml 13

138, please. Equating sexual relations to feeding a child is absurd.

TheDrifter 23

I'm not sure La Leche can be called reputable, given their nature, but at least we know what activist group is spewing that unscientific bit of misinformation.

Lycoris_fml 13

155, you can read the article for yourself on the LLLI website. It's called "A Time To Wean." There are plenty of references to back up the information presented.

TheDrifter 23

Ok, I took the time to read it and do a quick check of the references. All 5 that I checked are llli members or employees and the studies were done in house. Someone needs to tell them that it's not accepted sound scientific practice to reference one's own work as expert corroborating evidence.

Lycoris_fml 13

164- 1) There are 6 references provided, not 5. 2) Where exactly are you getting your information? The references provided are not studies, but publications. I don't see a list of LLLI employees or members anywhere to verify that what you're saying is accurate.

BubbleGrunge 18

Walking around naked is natural but people don't do that in public, do they? I have no problem with breast feeding however I do believe it is rude to breastfeed your 8 year old in public!

Lycoris_fml 13

In our society, it's ok for a woman to walk around mostly naked in a bikini, but not ok for her to breastfeed. It's ok to see a woman's cleavage or breasts as long as she's not breastfeeding. Newsflash: a breastfeeding woman's nipple is covered by the baby's mouth. Isn't that the part most people are worried about covering?

AgentSmith79 9

Breast feeding IS natural, and no one replying to you has a problem with it being done in public. The problem people are having is that the child in question is at least 8 years old, and that you are referencing biased studies that were not done using accepted scientific practices. Where are the sound medical studies to prove it?

kittycat2007 18

so what if hes eight. its thats parents choice. just explain to kids what they are doing and remind them that every family is different. tolerance and respect. just bc you wouldnt do it to your child doesnt give you the right to tell her she cant. it is a very slippery slope to begin to tell parents what the "right" way to raise their children is.

TheDrifter 23

Lycoris, I got bored at 5. The studies I refer to are the ones within the publications cited. Also, a quick google search of the authors' names revealed their affiliation. Two minutes and a dozen browser tabs was all it took.

Lycoris- Just stop trying to argue. You're constantly changing the subject by saying that breast feeding is natural and should not be censored. That isn't the real debate, here. The ones who disagree with you in that respect is a minority. The debate here is when a child grows out his teeth, he's ready for solid foods and ready to be taken off the breast. Extended feeding is ridiculous and harmful in the long run. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Cross-reference your sources instead of mindlessly spouting alleged "facts and statistics" from ONE organization that's barely even peer-reviewed, if at all. There are plenty of resources available that have already been mentioned in previous posts in this thread. Take the time to review them. I know you have the time if you're on this website, trying to defend yourself as much as you are.

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What does being in the south have to do with anything? And Yes, I live in the south.

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