By laurenraeee - 25/05/2010 05:18 - United States

Today, I saw a video of me from over the weekend, naked, pretending to be a duck. What the fuck happened that night? FML
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quack quack:D can I see the vid?


You got drunk and had the time of your life.

i dared you to walk around naked pretending to be a duck all for a cookie and cherry jolly rancher :D

in soviet Russia, duck walk like you!

6-In Soviet America your jokes are funny.

not. getting very lame and old.

you experienced greatness.

thread jackers begone lol

14-_- Somebody isn't the sharpest needle in the collection. I meant that they aren't funny, seeingas Soviet America doesn't actually exist...

I'm threadjacking anyways(:

like I said in the other fml jackers will be zapped zzzaaaaappp lmao

romskiies, you threadjacked your own comment. not a good precedent to set ;)

epoh it's ok cus it was revelant to my 1st comment/fml btw zzzzzzaaaaappppp :P lmao

I'm a duck, quack quack. my penis is just a feather!

Mods must remove the word "fuck" and put bloody hell. lol.

this is fml, not tfln

Atleast you have a story to tell when you have grandchildren. LMAO

That's what you get for waking up in Vegas ! next thing you know there will be a video of you stealing a tiger.....

53 ftw nice "the hangover" reference.

*feeds OP bread* :D

#57 ^ wiiiin :'D

Why do you think we should know? YDI for getting hammered, taking off your clothes, and thinking you're a duck!

stealing a tiger and losing your friend while finding a baby in your room. lmao :))))

BWAHAHAHA! I have to comment, because all weekend we todl nothing but Soviet Russia jokes.

Love it. :D.hahaha.

53 the hangover isn't that great of a movie... yet people are still making references... it's lame as hell...

go 57! :D hahaha. and lol, this ain't an fml xD

3 that... or the date rape drug

I would, that is if I was drunk cuz I do dumb shit like that often when I'm drunk (:

Brownscout2-You are like 12!!

you suffer from memory loss and hysteria at the same time

hahahahahahah !!!

fun fun fun.! : ]

Lol, hell yeah! You should get someone to fill you in on the details, 'cuz I bet you had a great time, even if you did some really stupid stuff :p

next time Dont drink

OP, u a guy or girl?

OP, ydi for sure retard why dont u know what happend tht nite?

Obviously a girl.

#119 don't comment next time

quack quack:D can I see the vid?

you scare me.. no offence ! but op you're a god to all those party hard ducklings :) hahah

why wouldvu want to c that

what about ur vid?

never record urself while drunk..u never know what you get..

It doesn't sound like a drunk story, more like a belladonis[?] tea. or Maybe sucked on a sugar cube or two?

alcohol and stupidity.......

lol that's kinda Funny but wow that must suck.

um you got drunk naked and pretended to be a duck. and you filmed it. don't ask dumb ?'s

So... who fucked the duck?

hahaha sounds like a good weekend!!