By jabba - United States
Today, I saw a spider crawling on my new roommate's cheek, so I told her to stand still so that I could flick it off. Several long seconds of flicking made me realize that it wasn't a spider at all. I had been flicking her hairy mole. FML
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Uh hold on new room mate you got a little black umm bug on u stay still..... *flicks cheek for a long time* HOLY CRAP ITS A HAIR MOLE I AM GOING TO POST IT ON FML!!!

Get a life op!

  kellyc007  |  0

Ooohhhhh shut up and put some clothes on. Why are you so desprate that you wear a friggin bikini on a site like this with so many creepers. You are dumb, you are really dumb.

  JayBear14  |  11

its stupid that i do, but it bothers me a lot when ppl judge me for somebody im not. ive been judged my whole life like that, ppl stereotyping me and it really gets under my skin o.e sorry loll