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Today, I saw a small child take a really bad fall off his scooter, so I got rid of my cigarette and ran to help him. I asked him if he was alright, or if I could walk him to his house. He replied "I'm okay, but your dress is on fire." It was. FML
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Never mind the fact that the OP was actually trying to do something nice for someone, yet all you can do is focus on the fact that she was smoking. In my experience, those who are excessively dogmatic turn out to be the biggest hypocrites.


Probably one if those signs.

you deserve it for smoking.. yuck.

Can we please not waste space with "OMGGGG U SMOKE YDI!!!!" We get it. I'm sure that 4 people is enough, we don't need 3000.

ydi. maybe you should stop palluting our air by smoking dumbass.

you don't think smokers know it is a disgusting habit?? trust me they do. I use to smoke and I hated smelling terrible, I hated that my clothes smelled like smoke, I hated wasting money and I hated smoking.. when it's an addiction it's really hard to quit. and just because someone smokes doesn't mean they are a bad person..

Cigarretes (I don't know how to spell it) are bad for you. Try weed :D, it's healthy :D.

50, if you wanna bitch about air pollution, there's a TON of things causing more air pollution than cigarettes. Like cars, factories, and all sorts of shit. So shut the fuck up. OP, FYL. Hope you're ok. I'm just gonna say that it will be amazing that a lot of people will still say "OMG YDI FOR SMOKIN" even though you wasted a cigarette to go help a boy who could have been hurt. I give you credit OP.

The other day, the guy that has been chrushing on me, wroten me multiple love poems, and that I have deleted and blocked on facebook, accidently set himself on fire... that idiot ran to the freezer and put ICE PACKS on his lighten arm. Ewww!!! U shuld see his ear!!! I almost vomited... xo 

Bah, smoking is a life choice. Be respectful.

I used to smoke a pack of bubble gum cigarettes a day. I don't know what was more addicting the sugar or the nicotine.

Hey guys, imagine that scene w/o cigarettes . . . it wouldn't be an fml won't it? i have tons of smoker friends i don't like cigarettes i hate everything about it, but it is a choice they made (to kill their own lungs) so just show respect and stfu. they don't complain about ur bad habits so you shouldn't complain about theirs !!

smokers suck butts

you should have left the cigarette in your mouth and call the kid a little shit as you pick him up by his shirt collar

wow im fuckin 14 and i smoke about a pack aday. honestly who gives a shit if they smoke?

^ How to detect an idiot.

168: each cigarette shortens your life span by about eleven minutes. That's almost four hours a day. Or sixty days a year. Have fun dying young :D

Actually a joint would contain about 2x the carcinogens that a cigarette would and a poor filter #68. Haven't you noticed how much it burns compared to a cigarette (or so I've heard)?

really 14 -_- I get that it's a life choice that some ppl make and that it's hard to stop once you started but you shouldn't even try smoking at 14 what a fucking idiot u are >:(

See this FML is where the expression "Smoking Kills" came from.

I hate that I smoke, so does my girlfriend, but she also understands that its hard to quit, im trying though

Dude, quit while your young

YDI for smoking. it's a disgusting habit. smokers disgust me. they smell terrible. yuk.

#3 go read about the topic and how smokers help you than come back to fmls.

omg shut up anti smokers ur wayyy more annoying than the smokers!!

It's also annoying when people can't spell, "way" :)

Smokers aren't annoying. What's annoying is when people bitch about something that was caused by something they can easily prevent. Also, I really you don't smoke while pregnant. If so, you're a bad mother.

While it is their life, their decision, and they'll have to deal with the consequences for their actions, when you're endangering the life of your child or another person, you really have to step back and realize just how selfish you're being by putting your addiction first.

where the fuck does it say she was pregnant?

75. the girl is pregnant in her picture

where the fuck does it say that she smokes??

108 all smokers aren't like your friend so quit bitchin'

I think it's common sense for people to know if ya got a bun in the oven and u smoke a pack aday it's bad for the baby if you stop all together what is smart would be cutting back but to stop might kill the baby oh and btw I don't smoke Iam just not dumb

Almost every reply after mine was made by monkeys. That is the only logical answer I can come up with for all the garbage I just read. IF YOU'RE PREGNANT, YOU QUIT SMOKING! You don't "cut down" you quit. I hate people that believe your baby is addicted to booze, so you must slowly stop drinking during pregnancy, because your baby will go into withdrawls, or you can't just stop smoking weed and smoking cigarettes, because your baby will die. M.O.R.O.N. Also, your friend that smokes has nothing do with anything I said. Anti-smokers? STFU

u shut up momma!!!!! ur an ugly pice of shiit!! and smokers are gay... oh shit, my dads a smoker... nvm!! :P but shut ur mouth momma

how are we annoying? it's not like we blow toxins and chemicals that kill us in your face

#75 Please use context clues, her name is, Mama2b3. Her name states that she will soon be a mother, which causes us to believe that she is pregnant. Feel free to correct me if that is not the case.

Who said anything about smokers being annoying?? Touchy much??

Everyone is being way too assuming. Just because the original comment all these are replying to is saying that anti smokers need to stop commenting like this, and she just happens to be pregnant, does not mean she smokes. I happen to have the same opinion, that while it's bad to smoke, some people do it because they are very stressed. I do not condone smoking through pregnancy (or drinking through it), but in any other case it's the smoker's body they're ruining, not yours or anyone else's, they know they're ruining it. You don't need to tell them not to. I've got two weeks to go until my baby pops, and I've never touched one in my life and I stopped drinking when I found out I was pregnant and hadn't drunk for over a month before. Also 131, if a person is on something heavier than weed etc, like heroin or cannibis, then it actually does endanger the baby's life to try to come off cold turkey. Just ask any expert they will tell you that. Yes tobacco and weed won't, but other stuff can, or at least seriously harm the child.

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It's also annoying when people jump into comments, say a stupid remark and think they're cool. And by the way, you don't need a comma after "Ha", It's an expression of laughter, not a grammatical word.

And how can you get onto shy when they have such a fucking adorable profile pic?!

:O Where did my comment go?! I said to shy, "If your picture wasn't so cute, I'd hate you :) " D: Awh...

And are you sure that doesn't make sense #22...think about it with a ghetto person saying it :) See? It makes perfect sense.

Like you know when people say, YDI...I didn't feel like saying it, so I put "you did it" :) Example: Because OP was smoking and dropped the cigarette, there was a fire on her dress. She did IT since it was her fault... This is like English class now XD I gave an example and everything :)

YDI stands for you deserve it. And the shy was right about the punctuation. I don't care about grammar on the internet...I'm just saying. You can take my word for it or not...but to help you decide, it might help to know that I'm actually an English teacher.

shookitup, you should change your name to shutitup and then follow it up. you're a dumb little judgmental girl with a bad attitude. also, you should probably see a doctor. it looks like you have pink eye in both eyes. talk about nasty! you might also consider washing your hands before rubbing your face; and you should quit being such a bitch.

Shut up, 49. That comment was full of immaturity and lacked any creativity. You're 38? Sad. How very sad.

wow judgmental much?

I don't care what kind of accent you add to that, 27. No, it doesn't make any sense.

ur sexy ;) girrrrrlllll

She meant You Deserve It. Its the OP's choice to do what he wants with his lungs.

49 - Take your own advice first.

Laughter is life's medicine :) People need to laugh more, because obviously I understand my comment wasn't phrased correctly. And I'm not a bitch, thank you. I'm a person just like everyone else. Pink eyes? No, I have brown eyes ^.^ <3

52- my immaturity sparks from reading all your lame ass comments. its sad I'm 38? well I'm amazed you can do the math. this site is so full of mean little teeny-boppers who think they are fucking God's gift to humanity but really are hiding behind their Internet characters because that's the only place they don't feel too awkward to speak up about anything since irl you are all a bunch of losers who stalk fml all day to try and be 'first' with your mean ass comments. so I'm 38, so what I said was immature, so fucking what. at least irl I have a real life and am not so fucked up that I live in front of my pc waiting to put people down who are already feeling bad about something that has happened to them. fuck all of you. I hope all you non-smoking mean little assholes die of second hand smoke. the sooner the better.

203 - " full of mean little teeny-boppers who think they are fucking God's gift to humanity..." Aside from the fact you aren't (or at least we assume you're not) a teeny-bopper, you just described yourself. Also, the latter half of that sentence has poor grammar. Pretty good for a 38 year old! At least you can admit that what you said was immature. However, IRL, it appears that you DO put people down. Isn't that what you're complaining about in the first place? "...I hope all you...die of second hand smoke..." Are you insinuating that wasn't mean? Here's another word - unnecessary.

I don't know about you guys, but that comment made me laugh! I imagine this fat, hairy, 38 year old man in footsie pajamas, throwing a temper tantrum, because the little kiddos are upsetting him on FML, because they are so darn mean!

I try to be nicer on the Internet.

You do a good job.

OP, this is all your fault for not absorbing the misery and cackling maniacally.

Wow, at least he reminded you? Me too, I hate people who smokes. Bad breath, bad lungs :P

is your body photoshopped? LOL

in the picture*

in the picture*

sorry double post

can you say boob job?

don't write a FML about you smoking and expect people to be sympathetic. YDI for your nasty habit

You're a dumbass. Why are you ignoring the fact that she was trying to help a kid? Just because you smoke doesn't mean your a terrible person.

Go fuck yourself, you think it's just a habit that can be quit whenever? It's extremely addictive, fuck off.

Never mind the fact that the OP was actually trying to do something nice for someone, yet all you can do is focus on the fact that she was smoking. In my experience, those who are excessively dogmatic turn out to be the biggest hypocrites.

Agreed. Well put.

except that the FML was CAUSED by smoking, she could have endagered the kid more with the fire....

The girl threw the cigarette away knowing she needed to help the kid, the fire happening is something unforeseeable. I'm tired of all you "white knights," some people do deserve it for smoking but not ALL. I hate smoking doesn't mean I'm going to put down everything they do just because they smoke. Grow up.

#134, that's all fine and good, except the grand majority of people posting YDI don't leave it at "YDI for not watching where you put out your cigarette." No, people insist on condemning the lifestyle, health effects, nastiness, etc. when it really isn't pertinent to what happened. You'd hardly see the same type of response if someone had flicked a match onto themselves by accident and caught fire. If you can't see that being judgmental is unnecessary (since you and everyone else probably has some vice worthy of ridicule), then it's useless for me to even bother with you.

It's impressive how you tout the use of logic and reason in your posts, yet basically argue that it's okay to be insultingly judgmental as long as the majority agrees; I believe that fits the definition of "argumentum ad populum." Not to mention the fact that insults are never valid arguments; I believe that fits the definition of "argumentum ad hominem." Both are logical fallacies, so if you want to use them, don't expect to win a debate. If someone wants to smoke privately, that's their own business, and until you know that the OP makes a habit out of subjecting everyone to her secondhand smoke, it's fallacious to lump her into said category. With the way smokers are vilified these days and the ever-increasing push to ban smoking from public establishments (which I can fully understand), I can't remember the last time I saw anyone light up within 20 feet of another person for fear of getting rebuked; so pardon me for asking how it is these days that smokers are endangering YOUR health on a regular basis.

OMG, why do you take this so seriously orgnaziedchaotic? Seriously! Get a life! Smoking RULES!

Okay, I'll make my point short and sweet; you'd think people would cut the OP a fucking break when her intention was to help someone...I guess that's all I was really getting at.

Sorry I dared to tread into your sacred Internet dominion, organisedchaos; I'll let the troll go back to bed under his/her bridge.

That's hot.

Lol if the dress burned all the way up, people would've gotten aroused

haha... oops! at least your dress caught on fire while you were trying to be heroic!