By photomark - 13/12/2011 06:32 - United States

Today, I saw a quarter in my poop. My friends say I do stupid things when I get drunk. Apparently, eating change is one of them. FML
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Kepp checking your poop you could be rich by next month

davidisbeast 12

At least you got the quarter back :D that's a whole TWENTY FIVE cents !


Kepp checking your poop you could be rich by next month

When you find a hundred dollar bill, call me.

I wouldn't call 7, just call DocBastard so he can blog about it

I think I just discovered a new kind of stupidity.

makin it poop is the new make it rain

enonymous 8

I know how someone is paying for that next cup of coffee.

Dude! You gotta change that!

Not so much (;

Good thing u didnt go blind

^ he swallowed a quarter; not a nickle. Therefore, he can't get nickle poisoning.

unitedfan11 0

Sounds like you just do stupid shit in general...

u can go blind if u eat a nickle? wth!

B_CeouL 12

Now that's what you call shit for change

Lame pun Jabawockee makes lame puns.

brianfantana32 10

Well I guess that was a shhhhhhhhhi- tough situation that must've been painful and shocking. What did you think I was going to say? But seriously, how did you manage to get it down there.

you really need to CHANGE your attitude...

How shitty!

How is this shitty? OP is officially a fucking piggy bank! OP, when you go to college take a laxative.. instant tuition..

iamesauce 4

It's shitty because if a debt collector knows this, all they'll need to do is beat the shit out of him for the money.

That's not funny

davidisbeast 12

At least you got the quarter back :D that's a whole TWENTY FIVE cents !

davidisbeast 12

And here come the retards that are gonna thumb me down because they are too stupid to recognize sarcasm ....

No shit sherlock

Oh_Hayy_Its_Lex 10

hmm, some people dont know how to take a joke?^

davidisbeast 12

77- I guess not x)

thatsphuckedsoba 0

No shit sherlock

jessiejess020 0

don't spend it all in one place!

And DON'T tell the cashier where it's been ... Or maybe tell them -after- they have taken it. *evil laugh*

Just be thankful you passed it, rather than getting stuck. not going to lecture you much but eating change is something I think a child would be more likely to do. I hope you're a good party animal then.

Hey the guy that took you home was nice enough to give cab fare...just in the wrong place.

2wenty0ne21 0

Well use it for a gumball...

I hardly think it's worth it. ._.

thatsphuckedsoba 0

What the fuck

GrammarNazzzzzi 6

If you eat at least four of those, you can get it in dollars xD

Steve95401 49

At least OP didn't shit in Santa's lap - I hope not anyway.

yumlicious 4

Speaking of Santa and swallowing change... When I was 4 I swallowed a quarter and it became stuck in my throat. Santa performed the heimlech on me and saved my life. ...Not that anyone cares?!?!

Torva_fml 16

You're right! I don't care, sorry.

Lol mobile ATM Bank of shitmerica

leogirl95 12

Better than having a money tree