By elle - 19/11/2013 17:31 - United States - Round Lake

Today, I saw a psychiatrist for the first time. After telling her everything I'm going through, she looked at me and said "You know... every five years or so I get a case completely beyond my ability to help." I guess it's been five years. FML
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I think you should look for a different therapist....

Littlelee240 11

At least she was honest with you instead of pretending to help and taking your money for weeks.


I think you should look for a different therapist....

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

no one is a helpless case op. when some therapist cant answer an issue, others can. everyone thinks differently. you'll find someone who will know how to approach your situation.

yup, you're fucked, blame you and your parents

That's low, man.

Rainhawk94 27

You mean EX therapist right

A good one will not only recognize if they can't help, they will refer you to someone who can. Mi is a huge range and not every doc is good with everything. It's worth the fight to find the right doc and get better.

She means 4 years... starting in 2008. Fuck Obama.

#30- You know nothing of his situation so how can you place any blame?

Rainhawk94 27

#30 is just being a troll

A Psychiatrist will listen to you and say " hmm" " yeah" "uhaa" " gimme 500 dollars".

oj101 33

Nothing is ever unworkable. I have a saying - it's easy to slide into a hole, but there's always a way back up, no matter how deep the hole may be.

oj101 33

#5 - haha, good one! For the record, there is actually a cure, (transfusion of blood/bone narrow from person who is immune as a result of a genetic mutation) but it's a costly and dangerous process. Can be done though :)

How about death? Or a disease without a cure? Or I'm a cunt trying to find a hole when you're just trying to be helpful? Maybe all three?

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

we don't have cancer under control! there's a deep, life sucking hole. fuck cancer!!!!

oj101 33

Ok, ok guys. I was referring to somehow getting out of a situation from a psychological aspect point of view. ie: if you're upset about something, or stuck in a situation then you can climb out of it, as you yourself or someone else dug the hole for you. Obviously, not from a physical viewpoint such as disease or death - that's outside our control.

What if you're trying to find a hole that you can't dig yourself out of?

I'm sorry, OP. Hopefully she's joking.. You can go to someone else who can actually help. (:

Littlelee240 11

At least she was honest with you instead of pretending to help and taking your money for weeks.

lol i was about to comment this

She could have just done the whole "how does that make you feel" thing for weeks or months and made a ton of money off you. I actually respect her for being that direct right from the start. And it is not stated that she did not refer the OP to someone else. She was just stating that the OP was beyond her ability to help.

If your psychiatrist has that attitude, I think you're better off with another doctor!

So you just paid her to tell you there's nothing she can do? Demand a refund

Your psychiatrist sounds very incompetent, just try another one.

reason why you don't depend on other people to solve your problems.

Wow. You are ignorant.

She was honest at least, but since she is getting your money, she should have been more professional about it.

I hope you find a therapy that works for you and a therapist who is able (and willing) to help you. It might take a few tries but it'll be worth the search. all the best to you, op!